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Think Different grow review by Tang


score a hole in one with Think Different

Dutch Passion Think Different seeds have become a best seller thanks to all the incredible customer feedback and grow diaries we have seen over the last 2 years.  This week we have Dutch Passion grower ‘Tang’ who gives us his feedback and views of our acclaimed Think Different variety.

Think Different first made the headlines with a massive 300g+ harvest from the first public grow diary.  Since then we have seen thousands of satisfied growers, many of whom have produced really spectacular results.  Of all the Dutch Passion varieties ‘Think Different’ remains the real surprise in our collection.  Think Different is capable of delivering the unexpected and very often she does.  Even first time growers have reported spectacular results with her, and experienced growers can achieve sensational crops of really strong pot, as this weeks grow shows.  The original grow diary is here from the Autoflower Network, home to many great auto growers.

beautiful Think Different

Stunning Think Different grown by Tang, above.  Every home-growers dream


Tang has grown many of Dutch Passions varieties, and has had great results with them all.  He grew Think Different in Plagron Light soil using airpots and LED.  The nutrients were Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom from Advanced Nutrients. 

ace Think Different cola

Think Different, above, superb blooms grown under LED by Tang


Here are a few words from Tang himself 

“Wasn't she a beauty, This Think Different is the second biggest auto I've grown.  The biggest was Dutch Passion’s AutoXtreme but that had more than twice the light wattage above her.  The Think Different was very low odor until the last few weeks when she smelt of citrus and fresh grass....lovely.  The next time I grow this strain I will make sure I have more light available. The dry yield on this Think Different was bang on 6oz at 168 grams."

“75% of the grow was under a GrowNorthern MS0004 (120w LED) and 25% (end of the grow) under a GrowNorthern MS0006 (200w LED). I've grown a few DP strains under these lights and they love the spectrum.  I'm seeing most of my Dutch Passion autos go over 100g."

“I can see why this strain has gained legendary status in the Autoflower world with huge yields, killer smoke and it’s easy-to-grow. The appeal is there for every grower whether a new starter wanting a hardy plant that will still reward or a seasoned grower wanting to push a strain to huge proportions. This is the second time I've grown Think Different so I know a spicy tang will evolve in my curing jars over the next few months, she packs a punch and tastes good now but I know it will get even better.  If you are going to give this strain a run be careful - she will get large in bigger pots, this one was grown in a 15L Airpot in soil.”



more think different buds

yet more great think different blooms


Congratulations to Tang on yet another superb grow.  Think Different is a consistent, stable and proven auto with a large number of repeat growers.  She is developing a reputation as an AutoFem which exceeds expectations.  If you have never grown an auto before then 2013 could be the year to Think Different.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

grow summary table


March 22nd 2013
Easy Indoor
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Recent comments (5)

On 22 -03-2013 at 10:23 u Duggy wrote:
Master TaNg

On 22 -03-2013 at 20:54 u Rusty shackleford wrote:
Ok well I'm glad I came across this. Ive been real inDIFFERENT (see what i did there) lately trying to decide what this years project strain will be. I've grown before...but it was bag seed in ebb and flow hydro system (like 6 yrs ago). That grow went great all things considered. Even had one plant with a tiny hermy male pollen sac and made my own feminized seeds (which i gave to somebody who said they did indeed germinate and were fem). So I wouldn't say I'm a noob but certainly not a vet either. This year ive been trying to decide on an outdoor strain. Never grown outdoors before. Gonna be right around 40N on the lat. I've decided that its got to be an autofem strain as I don't want to deal with mold, frost, and nosy rosies late in the season. Now I prefer a more indica effect to my meds as opposed to a soaring sativa but as long as its strong it doesnt much matter. It's also got to produce well as its not worth it to me to grow something thats only gonna put out an oz of medicine per plant (like most breeders autos) I'm leaning more and more to this "think different" strain, even if it is mostly sativa, as all i keep hearing is positive smoke reviews and rediculous yields for an auto. From what I've read of folks growing it at 45n and above (where it did just fine btw), it should do pretty well at 40n in the beginning of summer. Temps can range from 70-90+. But i've also heard it can get quite big for an auto. I guess my question would be; Could it be grown in a 3 gal (about 12 liter) from start to finish to keep it a little smaller and more concealable? And overall, do you think I'm choosing the right strain for what I'm trying to accomplish? I've already decided that DP is pretty much the AUTOFEM AUTHORITY right now so whatever I decide to try this year its without a doubt gonna be a DP autofem...just making sure there's not some other super strain auto u guys have that i dont know about that would be better for my needs.

On 08 -10-2014 at 09:50 u Baroness wrote:
90 days flowering? or 90 days veg and flower?

On 03 -10-2015 at 11:37 u Dingo Dog wrote:
Calling Rusty! Interested to read your comments, couple of questions: 40n wouldnt be in Holland or Uk, but somewhere south of barcelona! So why the outdoor autmnal mold etc problems? How did they go this time? Is Led still yr choice? Same wattage?

On 25 -06-2017 at 03:26 u Horace wrote:
Tang de master, could I ask you how many should I use in 4ft square tent Thanks

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