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UK. United Patients Alliance formed to lobby for legal use of medical cannabis


united patients alliance


UK.  The United Patients Alliance (UPA), a new lobby group, has been formed in the UK.  The purpose of UPA it to focus specifically on the legalisation of cannabis for medical use.  UPA was established for UK medical cannabis users that are frustrated by the lack of Government action to address the medical cannabis issue.  Many of those that use cannabis in the UK for medical reasons do so with the consent and approval of their doctor, however UK law does not protect them.  

united patient alliance Above: Keiron Reeves (left), Caroline Lucas MP and Clark French.  


Clark French, who was diagnosed with MS in 2010, has organised a UPA launch night which has support from Green MP Caroline Lucas and Prof David Nutt who was sacked by the UK Government as a drugs advisor after remarking that cannabis was far less harmful than the politicians wanted to hear.
The UPA launch night will be held in Brighton, at the Brighthelm Centre on North Road on July 17 at 7.30pm and anyone is welcome to attend.

clark french, keiron reeves and norman baker MP

Above, Keiron and Clark have already held discussions with Home Office Minister Norman Baker

Dutch Passion wish the UPA success in their efforts to get UK cannabis laws into line with North American and European countries where cannabis is legally recognised as an important medicine with multi-purpose benefits

June 26th 2014

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Recent comments (5)

On 10 -01-2015 at 12:19 u Natasha Pope wrote:
I have a daughter who has epilepsy. She has no obvious cause for her unusual brain activity except to say she is very special indeed. She feels so ill on the prescription drugs which she is expected to increase in doseeage. She has stopped increasing the amount on her own volition and says she wants to stop them. We need CBD for my daughter. She has been on prescription drugs for a year and a half. She is taking her A levels and has had to cope through her GCSE's too whilst taking the drugs but also experiencing little seizures day and night. She had a major seizure which was frightening for us all. She went blue and I thought she was going to die. I wish to capaign to push for legalisation of the CBD oil for all many of neurological conditions and diseases of varying kinds. The drugs industry trials take too long. We will all be dead by the time CBD comes available. Lets face it the self prescribing of CBD does not serve their interests, even making people well does not make money for the drugs industry. We have to put people first as quickly as possible and alleviate suffering for all I am mum of course and need to put my weight behind a campaign that helps my daughter. I can't sit idly by.

On 11 -01-2015 at 19:55 u Edi wrote:
Natasha, check up THiS company, it's based in Denmark and their hemp is not just stalk-bits&pieces coming from China but pure quality CBD-rich hemp grown around Scandinavia! Good luck! otherwise you can also get some Dixie Botanicals CBD-drips from or .com. Theyr're just not that strong.. but something anyways. Probably quite good quality as well.

On 05 -09-2016 at 22:35 u Jacek wrote:
Hello my name is Jacek from 1 am disabled. My problem is the lost of disk in the spine which was destroyed by the bacteria, which is associated with a very high pain now I use 3 times daily morphine plus gabapentin 900mg. I am seeking a replacement for morphine, a lot of reading about the treatment of cannabis. I have no idea how to go about it and where to seek help. Sorry for my English. Regards Jacek

On 06 -09-2016 at 11:14 u Eddy wrote:
Jacek, Your english is great ;-) The internet is your friend when it comes to learning about cannabis growing. Auto seeds could be the easiest way to start with an indoor grow tent. Good luck

On 25 -03-2017 at 21:24 u Tommy Hanchen wrote:
I'm alive long friend of cannabis and now recovering from multiple cancer surgery and easing the way with my friend. You keep up this wonderful work total respect. Go well

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