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USA: Around half of all Americans now favour complete national legalisation of cannabis



USA.  CBS news have been polling their viewers regularly over the years to assess what proportion of Americans would favour full legalisation of cannabis across the entire country. The latest poll shows more Americans than ever, 47%, are in favour of legalisation.  Support is highest amongst the young and lowest among the old.

The polls have shown a consistent trend towards higher and higher cannabis legalisation ratings and within a few years it is expected that over 50% of voters will support national legalisation.  This mirrors the exact same trend seen at state level over recent years. 

Of course this does not mean that 47% of Americans use cannabis, the actual level of regular marijuana users in the USA is probably nearer 10-15% of the population.  The rest of the legalisation support comes from non-users who regard the current illegality as a hypocritical and expensive policy failure which causes more harm to society than cannabis itself.

The full story is here

November 30th 2012

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