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USA. California to be the next totally legal pot state?



USA.  California the next state to fully legalize pot?

California has enjoyed all the benefits of legal medical marijuana since the 1990's, but in the last year they have seen Washington and Colorado go one step further with the full legalization of cannabis for recreational AND medical use.  Now California are taking their own first steps to fully legalize cannabis.  The project is known as initiative 1604, and the supporters now need to get over 500,000 signatures in the next 6 months.  If they can get those votes then California will put the vote to the rest of the state, something that would likely see California pass the initiative in 2014.  If passed, and many expect it is bound to pass, Californians will be allowed to grow up to 99 plants and possess around 5Kg of pot for personal consumption.  A very nice combination, but only if you are 21 or over.

Times are changing rapidly in USA, the good news for American cannabis fans just keeps on coming

The full story is here and well worth reading https://thejointblog.com/cannabis-legalization-initiative-approved-circulation-california/#more-10259

October 1st 2013

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