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USA. Calls for reforms to American marijuana laws keep getting louder


US calls for further extended reforms to marijuana legality seem to get louder every day in the world os US politics.  U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D) of Oregon held a townhall meeting in Portland on Sunday to call for a broader debate on cannabis laws.  This will include addressing the increasingly marginalised federal views of cannabis.  Either federal laws are adapted to acknowledge the medical value of cannabis OR state votes will simply vote their own laws into place.

Its a fascinatingly complexed time for USA cannabis activists who have captured public opinion on the matter like never before.  And it is a debate being followed around the world.  American allies are wondering why they are maintaining a hard line on cannabis when the USA themselves are engaged in a serious debate to bring cannabis laws into the 21st century

The full story is here https://www.examiner.com/article/marijuana-reform-hot-topic-for-113th-congress

February 6th 2013

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