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USA. Church leaders back the call for legal medical marijuana





USA.  Church leaders back demands for legal NY medical marijuana
A few years ago many Church/Faith leaders would have backed the call for cannabis prohibition.  Today they are backing the fight for legal medical marijuana use in New York, it’s an amazing change of direction and one based on human compassion.  It’s also the right thing to do as Bishop Michael Clark explained in an excellent summary during a demonstration in New York in the last week
“As a Bishop and spiritual caregiver in New York City, I have met and spoken with hundreds of New Yorkers who are suffering with chronic illnesses.  It is my responsibility to them, and all New Yorkers to advocate for the passage of the Compassionate Care Act, the needless suffering of these patients and families from illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, cancer, seizure disorders, and other conditions, goes against my beliefs. I join with the 88% percent of New Yorkers who believe medical marijuana should be an option for patients.  The legislators in Albany should do what is right and show compassion to our sick.”

New Yorkers are getting impatient at the amount of time taken for lawmakers to legalise medical marijuana, the recent legalisations elsewhere in the USA are creating a very awkward, and uncompassionate situation for medical marijuana users in states where lawmakers have not yet legalised pot.  

April 1st 2014

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