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USA: Colorado growers get ready for the great cannabis boom


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Colorado pot entrepreneurs are getting busy adapting to legal dope.  As growers realise they are no longer going to be arrested for possessing weed, attention is drifting to ways of making cash out of legal weed.  All the pot dispensaries need supplying, but there are lots of small independent people figuring out ways of making cash from edibles, medibles, bongs, growroom design consultancy, growroom supplies and even THC analysis.

For most Colorado growers the legalisation means a welcome taste of freedom.  Freedom from paranoia, persecution and legal prejudice.  We wish them all well.  And we also hope that many of them fulfill their dreams to make a living from a business in the cannabis industry.

The full story is from the Washington Post and is well worth a read.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/colorado-pot-growers-gear-up-for-green-rush/2013/03/25/bed23728-880c-11e2-98a3-b3db6b9ac586_story.html?wprss=rss_national

The rest of us will need to wait a little longer to taste freedom!

March 26th 2013

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