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USA. Google starts helping marijuana supporters

USA.  As the USA continues the state-by-state normalisation of cannabis it is great to see attitudes changing.  Just 10-15 years ago it would have been corporate suicide to sponsor medical marijuana pioneers.  But recently Google gave a Michigan marijuana activist group $120,000 worth of free servies.  This smart move by Google means that a 'Google search' for chemotherapy-nausea will, in the future, find more and more medical marijuana search results.
Its a signifiancy shift in policy for Google who previously did not take a strong position in such matters.  But many of the people based in and around California's Silion Valley now have personal experience of using, or knowing somone who uses, medical cannabis.  As Dutch Passion have said for some time, if the elected politicians don't take a lead in the cannabis debate then they will be left with no option but to follow public opinion. Medical marijuana is an exciting and a growing business.  In a few years over half the US states will have legal pot.  So Dutch Passion salutes the courage and leadership of companies like Google who are prepared to lead the way and support those campaigning for more sensible. 
2013 looks like being another great year of steady progress for cannabis normalisation around the world.
July 3rd 2013

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