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USA. Is legal pot in Washington DC too expensive at $440 per ounce


Cannabis lovers in Washington DC are upset that the cost of legal medical marijuana seems to be much higher than the average price in other legal states.  Medical marijuana patients in DC (or recreational users pretending to be medical users) are being charged $400 per ounce (28g) as a typical average. 

Prices of up to $440 have been reported by some disgruntled customers, who are saying that such high prices for legal pot defeats the purpose of legalising it in the first place.  Despite the intial high prices at least the residents of Washington DC can be get some comfort from the fact that they have got pot legalised in the capital city of the country that led the war on drugs.

The full story is here.  https://www.examiner.com/article/d-c-selling-pot-at-380-to-440-an-ounce-legally-users-being-ripped-off

And it is good to see an original Dutch Passion strain, Master Kush, a knock-out Afghani varity, is one of the first legal varieties on sale in Washington DC

August 1st 2013

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