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USA. National Association Of Mayors Want Weed Freedom

USA.  With 18 states (plus the federal district of Washington DC) already enjoying legal cannabis in the USA the National Conference Of Mayors passed a resolution telling the Federal Government to stay out of local dope laws.  In the coming years numerous states are expected to draft and pass local laws allowing the legal use of recreational and/or medical marijuana.  
Technically this is against the over-riding USA federal laws.  But at local level the individual states are taking matters into their own hands.  The latest resolution makes it easier for states to continue with their own pot laws and sends a clear message to the feds to stay out of democratically elected local affairs.
In a few short years over half the states in the USA will be benefitting from legal pot. At the same time organised crime are being deprived of the tax-free revenues which were gifted to them during the years of prohibition.  At state level the USA is now a shining example that legalising weed is the most efficient system ever devised for getting dealers off the street.
July 2nd 2013

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