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USA. Study links cannabis use and reduced levels of diabetes

A fascinating report from Dr Murray Mittelman in the American Journal Of Medicine has said that despite their finding that "Marijuana use is associated with an acute increase in caloric intake" marijuana users were actually at a decreased risk of diabetes than non-stoners. 
However none of the scientists involved actually know why.  "Despite these associations with increased caloric intake, marijuana use has been associated with lower body mass index (BMI) and a lower prevalence of obesity and diabetes mellitus. The mechanisms underlying this paradox have not been determined,"
The study looked at over 4000 men during a 5-10 year period.  Following the legalization of cannabis in two states more and more doctors will be trying to conduct studies involving cannabis users to see if any other statistical anomolies are present within the cannabis-loving communities.  Could it be that cannabis fundamentally affects human metabolism in such a way that diabetes is prevented in some people?  As with much research into the uses of medical cannabis the whole area has been chronically under-researched due to the illegality of it.  Now that is changing, so expect a lot more controversial studies to be published in the coming years.
June 20th 2013

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