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USA. Washington state unlikely to meet demand for legal cannabis




Colorado made a hugely successful start to their legal cannabis status, with hundreds of canna businesses established and a worldwide tourist industry springing up.  The established medical marijuana business made it an easy transition, with numerous experienced cannabis growers able to ramp-up production to cater for the growing recreational cannabis needs.

Washington state also has legal recreational weed but has been slower to make the headlines with its embryonic cannabis industry.  Many in the state are now fearing that the slow start will now make weed shortages inevitable.  Some  2,600 people originally applied for licenses to grow cannabis in 2013 but so far less than 80 have been approved.   It is not clear how may of these have actually got their cannabis farms running and only a ‘few’ have actually submitted samples to the two official labs certified by the state to test marijuana. In an interview with the Associated Press, Randy Simmons, the Liquor Control Board's legal cannabis supremo said, “Will there be shortages? The answer to that is yes.”

Lets hope that Washington shows the true ‘can do’ mentality which they are famous for and get plenty of seeds planted in time for the Washington green rush.

(picture Dutch Passion AutoXtreme)
July 2nd 2014

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