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Uruguay. Now its time for USA & Europe to sort out their drug policies



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In a fascinating interview with Reuters, President Mujica of Uruguay has challenged leaders of Europe and USA to face up to their responsibilities and build a credible drugs strategy after decades of failure and political cowardice which has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars.  Uruguay became the first nation to revoke international drug treaties and fully legalize cannabis. Mujica replaced the illegal supply chain for cannabis with a state-controlled production and distribution network.  The result was an overnight elimination of cannabis revenue for the drug gangs.  As many international commentators noted, Mujica has shown the rest of the world how to really eliminate criminality from cannabis.  

Mujica's call for a more realistic western drugs policy is necessary for the drug producing nations to allow their socieities to emerge from decades of drug-fuelled wars which have ravaged many South American countries.  The main drug consuming regions of the world, USA & Europe, show no sign of reducing demand despite decades of effort and billions of dollars wasted on laws which have only strengthened the criminal grip on drug revenues.  Mujica has set the precedent and the message is clear.  The USA and Europe needs a courageous rethink of its drug policies in order to make any progress.  Uruguay has shown them the way

The full story from Reuters is below



February 19th 2014

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