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Another Epic Dutch Passion AutoMazar Grow



 yet another amazing auto mazar grow

This weeks blog is an incredible Dutch Passion AutoMazar grow.  Two AutoMazar’s were planted by ‘LEDbud’, who is a  Central-European legal grower specialising in maximising the harvest potential of his plants. The AutoMazar’s were grown in large 30 litre airpots containing BioBizz coco mix and were grown under LED.  The result was quite incredible, the AutoMazar’s grew large numbers of huge blooms.  Results like these are some of the best you will see - most home growers dream of producing plants like these.  All the photographs of AutoMazar come from LEDbuds special grow.

massive automazar

heavy blooms, typical of automazar

Above, Dutch Passion AutoMazar grown in massive 30 litre airpots of coco fibre


This was an unusual grow in many ways. 

  • Firstly, the AutoMazar’s produced an exceptionally heavy yield and really looked like Xmas trees at the end.  It shows what is possible from premium quality auto genetics   in good conditions.  The plants were held up by a cane-support system to prevent them collapsing under their own weight.  The 15-20 largest side blooms all grew to a really good size, this is key to delivering XXL harvests in home growing.
  • Secondly, the AutoMazar’s were grown in 30 litre airpots filled with coco fibre, an unusual combination.  Often we see airpots being used to great effect with compost rather than coco.  Coco fibre is a naturally well aerated growing medium which produces good results even in traditional plant containers.  So seeing 30 litre airpots combined with coco fibre grow medium was an unusual sight.  Airpots are similar to traditional plant containers, but they have hundreds of airholes around the side to allow extra root oxygenation, and airpots have a dimpled inner surface which prevent roots from clinging to the side/bottom of the pot.  In this grow LEDbud showed what a great combination coco, LED and airpots make. 
  • Thirdly, LEDbud used a 600W Helios 6 from Quantum LED above each Dutch Passion AutoMazar, offering a huge amount of light for 20 hours of daily photosynthesis.  We see an increasing number of home-growers using LED to produce great results.

 frosty blooms

surprising number of heavy blooms surround main cola

lots of bud production all over


Enjoy the photographs, the following comments and pictures are from LEDbud himself. 

 “I had 2 plants, I called them Mary and Jane.  I had to cut Jane down on 100 days because of mold and got 343g dry.  Mary was 107 days and 407g dry. They were grown in 30l air pots with BioBizz Coco-Mix and fed with Canna Terra Vega in veg and canna coco in bloom.

  • Day 67-90: Atami Bloombastic at 1ml per litre, the P/K (Phosphorus/Potassium) ratio is 20/21 for Bloombastic.
  • Day 90-102: Advanced Nutrients Overdrive at 2ml per litre and flushed for 5 days.
  • Day 52 to 66 day: Canna PK13/14 was used at 1ml per litre
  • Day 66:  EC 2.2 and this increased to EC 2.6 on day 90

I also used Canna Rhizotonic (root stimulant) until day 80.  Canna silica and Plant Magic Magne-Cal + was used on alternate feeds, the pH was 6.2 to 6.3 from start to finish.”

 plants need support near the end

plants as tall as you are

branches bow down due to their own weight


“For the first 52 days I used one Helios 6 over each plant, from day 40 I used an additional Photon Pro 84 as a side light, one for each plant.  From day 52 until finish each plant had its own Super Helios 6 (600W power draw).  AutoMazar was very easy to grow, they love extra light and extra feed.” 

“This my first grow with air-pots, I think they are almost as good as DWC, but easier.

Roots were plentiful, I don’t think I will grow in DWC anymore.  I recommend airpots and coco.”

 everyone wants to grow like this

generous levels of bud production is an under statement


“AutoMazar is lovely smoke, a taste like haze with a lemon fruity smell, she has an ‘up’ buzz.

It smokes very nice, even after just 2 weeks drying.  I have only been growing autos since Feb-2013, I tried growing a few autos and was going go back to growing photoperiod varieties.  Then I tried Dutch passions Think Different and AutoXtreme, I was happy with the plants and I started this AutoMazar.  Now I am an Auto convert, flowering at 20 hours a day they get 8 hours more light than photo varieties.  You get a better yield in same grow time.”

rich covering of trichome resin glands

 a massive coco-fibre root ball, looks like a DWC plant

Above, note the incredible size of the AutoMazar root ball which grew in the 30 litre airpot of coco. Normally rootballs of this size are only seed in hydroponics



Congratulations to LEDbud on two very special looking plants, it was also great to see large airpots used with coco fibre and LED, we like to see home growers experimenting with new ways to push cannabis genetics as far as they will go. 

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion







January 10th 2014
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Recent comments (3)

On 13 -01-2014 at 15:14 u Alpha & Omega wrote:
Many Congratulations from all of us at the LED GrowRoom LED Bud & Dutch Passion! Absolutely outstanding grow and results!! Gobsmacked & amazed....is the best way to describe how I felt reading this fantastic journal & seeing is believing! The pictures tell a better story then a million words. Fantastic to see the best seed bank working with the best LED Growers on the planet. Looking forward to seeing much more in the future. Keep up the excellent work DP & LEDBud!

On 12 -03-2015 at 00:42 u Mr Interest wrote:
Would be very interested to know, so you vegged them on a 24/7 basis and then 20/4 photoperiod for flowering? All the other info is super clear and I know this sounds like a silly question but have heard a few silly answers where autos are concerned. Would be much appreciative :D

On 25 -02-2017 at 03:06 u Ledbud wrote:
20/4 all the way. Use side lights 12 hours a day

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