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Australia. Aussie study aims to find optimum cannabis regime for cancer patients



Cancer patients in Australia will undergo a study aimed at finding the best usage profiles which would suit end-of-life cancer patients seeking to get the very best levels of pain relief, restful sleep, nausea relief and appetite restoration.  Medical professionals in Australia have not been able to standardise their approach to using medical cannabis, partly because so little relevant medical research has been authorised down under, until now.  But that is starting to change as the New South Wales government announced Australia's first medical cannabis trial for terminally ill adults with cancer.  The trial will be conducted at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales.  The trial will be led by Associate Professor Meera Agar from University of NSW and South Western Sydney Local Health District.  In order to start with a known ‘standard’ the NSW Government has imported some medical grade cannabis from an unknown source and will start trials using a vaporiser. 

This is progressive thinking from the Australian Ministry of Health, hopefully it will bring some relief for those on the medical trials.


Read more: https://www.watoday.com.au/comment/medical-cannabis-trial-to-find-right-dose-for-endoflife-cancer-population-20150731-giomtn.html#ixzz3hkNamFrQ

August 4th 2015

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