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Australia. Cannabis is sometimes a more effective pain killer than opiates according to study


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A fascinating study from Australia has just been published which followed 1514 people that suffered with chronic non cancer pain.  All the people were prescribed pharmaceutical opioid drugs for pain relief. Opioids are well known for pain relief, but they come with numerous serious side effects including a very high chance of patient dependency (addiction).
25% of the patients in the study said that they would use cannabis if they could get it, and 16% of them had actually used cannabis for pain relief.  Many of those in the study that used medical cannabis were younger people that had often been on opioids for a long time at high doses.  Interestingly, those that used cannabis were less inclined to use the opioid medicines as much as prescribed.  The conclusion from the study is as follows”Cannabis use for pain relief purposes appears common among people living with chronic non-cancer pain, and users report greater pain relief in combination with opioids than when opioids are used alone.
For decades many medical cannabis users have found that certain cannabis varieties are more effective for pain relief than prescribed opioid medicines.  Others have found that cannabis offers great benefits when used together with prescription medicines, Dutch Passion always recommend that patients discuss their use of medical cannabis with their doctors, who are increasingly aware of the medicinal value of cannabis.  The benefits of medical cannabis can include enhanced appetite and improved sleep patterns as well as extremely effective pain control without the negative side effects of prescribed opioids.  Numerous international studies are underway to investigate the various pain-relieving qualities of cannabis.  Dutch Passion have no doubt that, in years to come, cannabis will once again be seen as one of natures most versatile, safe and effective natural organic medicines.
February 2nd 2015

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