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AutoBlackberry Kush grow review under LED grow lights



This weeks AutoBlackberry Kush was the first time ‘Revert’ has grown an auto. He grew AutoBlackberry Kush in coco fibre using and airpot and plenty of LED light.  The spectacular result shows what to expect from the best auto genetics when they are grown in good conditions.  Here they had around 760W (actual power draw) of LED light and produced a harvest of around 850g of dry cannabis.


The full grow review with pictures is here on the friendly Green Circle growers forum, but you may need to register to see all the pictures.  Nutrients were from Canna.


AutoBlackberry Kush


AutoBlackberry Kush


The following comments come from Revert.

“The reason for the successful grow ? I’m guessing its the powerful LEDs and almost ideal temperatures. It was cold at times yes but usually it was around 24ºC - so almost perfect. What I'm thinking is that because of the early nutrient deficiency the AutoBlackberry Kush had to take longer than usual. Maybe that helped in her development as well in the end. I really didn't expect anything like that to happen!”


AutoBlackberry Kush


“My first AutoBlackberry Kush looked like a conventional Christmas tree plant and weighed 317g. The second one was really really bushy from the start, she eventually produced 529g of dry bud. I even removed a lot of side branches (20% of them) but she still grew very bushy. This resulted in a lot of bud sites. Of course the raw power of the LED side-lights played a great deal in this too. The buds on the side branches were just as big and solid as the main cola :)  I had two traditional LED units above the lights from Bysen and Dutch Passion (360w total). I also made a couple of 200W LED fixtures for side illumination using Cree CXB3070 integrated LEDs”

Autoblackberry Kush


“I've never grown auto's before... I started them out on low EC’s (i.e. low concentrations of nutrients). But after I got into trouble with the second AutoBlackberry Kush (nutrient deficiency?)  I raised the EC to about the same level I would give to a traditional photoperiod strain. Then I thinned her down by removing a lot of side branches. I think that helped to bring her back up to speed.”



AutoBlackberry Kush

AutoBlackberry Kush


“My advice would be not to underfeed this variety, and handle AutoBlackberry Kush as a traditional photoperiod strain. I've read somewhere that the more light you can give an auto the more they can eat. That was certainly the case for the larger of the plants. Even at the end the EC (electrical conductivity) of the nutrient run off would always be lower than what I put in. That is usually never the case. I usually need to flush at least once in the middle of a grow to get the run off lower again. Didn't need to do that this time”



AutoBlackberry Kush


“Harvests were 317 grams from the first AutoBlackberry Kush and 529 grams from the second. Making a grand total of 850 grams or 30 oz.  I NEVER expected it to be this good. I managed 1.12 GPW (grams per watt) with this grow and this is my absolute best ever.”



Its nice to see first-time auto growers have so much success with our autofems.  AutoBlackberry Kush is as easy to grow as any of the other Dutch Passion autoflowering varieties.  She grow well under a light cycle of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness.  She typically takes 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest and produces harvests which are much heavier than average.  Most of the AutoBlackberry Kush plants will show blue/purple colourations from the Blueberry genetics as well as plenty of resin and some deep, rich Kush flavours and aromas.  


AutoBlackberry Kush

April 8th 2016
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Recent comments (5)

On 08 -04-2016 at 16:12 u Pablo wrote:
Amazing work bro surley thats a record breaking yield for auto black berry kush

On 09 -04-2016 at 02:20 u Denots wrote:
Top job as per usual Rev, Keep up the good work mate.

On 09 -04-2016 at 13:02 u J2s wrote:
10 out of 10 for this one rev. :)

On 09 -04-2016 at 16:20 u Goodbudgie wrote:
Wow wow wow! Thats got to be the phattest auro ive ever seen. Hats off to Revert. And to think, only 3-4 yrs ago we could only dream that leds and autoflowers would perform and produce as good as this.

On 30 -06-2016 at 19:21 u Indicalover/also 70+% indica lover wrote:
hi after a very loong deciding process out of Your fabulous autofem selection,i wanted very tasty sweet berry fruity and potent indicas dominant autos i deceided to go for a 7 pack of auto blackberry kush and a 7 pack of auto Colorado cookies:) germinated 2 of each for my 1 square meter homebox silverline and in 20 hours in papertowel all for had popped healthy and quick. on day 5 from sprout now and the second set of real leaves starts developing,looks like the auto Colorado is a tad quicker growth than the auto bbk. have the 4 in 11liter square pots With ugro cocobricks, added Advanced nutrients root tribe vodoo juice tarantula and piranha also a bit general organics bio root plus With enzyms vitamins humic and fulvic acids. looking great so far. Aiming to break my last grow With white widow max where i got 474g dried of 5 ww max With same setup only difference is i now have Dutch Passion Genetics and piranha from the start, and ive swapped the big bud over to Advanced nutrients organic Bloom booster NIRVANA for improved taste:) also have bud ignitor, budcandy,flora kleen, floragrow and florabloom Coco edition, ripen, overdrive and lots more but im gonna try sticking to all organic the last 4weeks of nutrients before my 10 day flush.. aiming to get 450-600g from the four plants now hopefully more. as i got 177g from one ww max in a crowded tent With four others.

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