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AutoUltimate grow review. 600g harvest from two plants


 Two Dutch Passion AutoUltimates were grown in soil and between them produced a dry harvest of 600 grams.  All the grow details are below in this weeks blog.


The grower, ‘A-Train’, used 5-gallon (25 litre) containers of Pro-mix BX soil for each plant in a Secret Jardin tent.  Each container had 5 table spoons of added Lime.  The nutrients were Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom base nutrients , Voodoo Juice, B52, Big Bud, and Overdrive. In addition A-Train used Botanicare 0-15-0 ’pH down’ and general organics cal/mag plus (calcium/magnesium supplement).  


auto ultimate


The two AutoUltimates were grown with a 600W metal halide light for the first few weeks and then a 1200W ‘Mars 2’ LED light to finish the plants.  Many growers feel that the vegetive growth stage of an auto (the first 3 weeks approx) is optimised by the rich blue-dominant light of a metal halide light.  And the LED light is a great choice for the flowering stage of cannabis plants.  The original grow review is here 


The following comments are from A-Train

“This strain was particularly vigorous strain with LOTS of branching, I trained this plant as much as possible to contain them in my 5 ft (2m) tent and she was still well over 30 inches (80cm) when stretch was over.  AutoUltimates tendency to branch out as much as she did with the LST (Low Stress Training) really helped to maximize the yield by having many main colas and maintaining an even canopy close to the lights. “


“Honestly I will grow this strain again and the only thing I am going to do differently is use stronger straps during LST.... she broke more than one off during the stretch lol. And also give her plenty of room around the sides to branch out.. two of the AutoUltimates in a 3x3 was CRAMPED"



auto ultimate



“I grow under a Mars-2 1200watt panel in a 3x3 tent. All my plants go in a 5 gallon smart pot filled with Pro-mix BX. I use the Advanced Nutrients expert bundle and follow the schedule played out on the website.  My tent is only 5 ft tall so I train all of the plants I grow using various LST methods to attempt to maintain an even canopy during flower”


“The smoke quality I would currently give 4 out of 5 stars... my wife loves the smoke for her hip pain and relaxing at night. It's not the smoothest as of yet but it's just now beginning to cure... so that will be greatly improved... “


This was one of the most impressive AutoUltimate compost grows that Dutch Passion saw in 2015.  To get 600 grams from two plants grown in soil is a great achievement for any home grower.  


What made this grow so impressive was the following:


  • The plants were not over-fed.  A-Train skilfully kept the AutoUltimates in the nutritional ‘sweet spot’.  The plants were fed at the ideal rate.  Over-feeding plants is one of the most common errors we see, it limits plant growth and reduces final harvest.
  • The plants were given large containers which allowed a healthy root mass to form.  A large root ball is essential if you want big plants and heavy harvests.
  • The grower kept a flat canopy using low stress training to tie the blooms in place with string.  This allows the light intensity to be maximised over the majority of the plant.  


And of course the grower combined his own expertise with plenty of light and some of the best AutoFem genetics on the market.  AutoUltimate genetics may not be the cheapest auto seeds available, but they are some of the very best quality F1 auto genetics available at the moment.  If you are growing your own cannabis with a focus on quality then get the best seeds you can.  Cannabis seed genetics is one area of your life where compromise is not necessary!

December 31st 2015
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Recent comments (2)

On 20 -01-2016 at 04:03 u John wrote:
Nice yield but this is hydro not soil. Promix bx is mostly peat moss, wouldn't you agree that peatmoss should be considered soilless? Which is why this grower was using ph down? I am not surprised he thought the smoke was 4/5 stars because it wasn't really a soil grow. And yield like that in a soilless grow are normal no? My 2 cents

On 11 -05-2017 at 14:11 u Darin L Clements wrote:
The above comment notwithstanding; great yield. Soil is commonly used to describe anything not hydro. He needs to show off his 600g grow from two plants.

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