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Auto Glueberry OG. Home grown THC-rich cannabis seed variety thats easy to grow





Auto Glueberry OG.  Home grown THC-rich cannabis has never been so easy to grow

Auto Glueberry OG combines all the quality of Gorilla Glue, OG Kush and Blueberry into a single auto variety.  And its so easy to grow that we recommend this variety to new growers as well as expert home growers.  This weeks grow review came from Bailey who grew two Auto Glueberry OG seeds and produced two large cannabis plants with a combined harvest of almost 300g between them.  The original grow diary is here .

Bailey grew his autos under an 18/6 light regime (18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness) in a mixture of soil/coco (50%/50%).  Nutrients were from General Hydroponics, and included Flora Bloom, Flora Grow, Micro Bloom and Ripen.  Additionally, Canna Nutrients were also used - Rhizotonic (an algae based root stimulator) and pK13/14 which is used as a bloom booster.  Even as young plants the Auto Glueberry OG’s showed extensive early side branching, this is a feature of all Dutch Passion autos and is one of the reasons why harvests are so heavy.  In good conditions, and with plenty of light, the large central bloom is surrounded by large numbers of long side blooms.  

A Calcium/Magnesium supplement was also used.  Many LED growers supplement their grow with extra Calcium and Magnesium, this is because LED grows have less grow room heat to deal with.  The reduced levels of plant transpiration under LED compared to HPS means reduced mobility for Calcium and Magnesium ions in the plant tissue.  This is easily resolved with a simple Calcium/Magnesium supplement.  One of the main reasons why home growers switch from LED to HPS is to improve harvest quality by removing the heat stress caused by HPS lighting.  At Dutch Passion, we see many quality-conscious home growers are now switching to LED and would not want to switch back to HPS.  Reduced heat stress, compared to HPS, is one of the main benefits seen with LED grow lights, this allows improved quality.  Many HPS growers find grow room heat levels are never an issue once they switch to LED.  In many cases, LED’s allow home growers to grow a cannabis crop in the summer months which would be impossible with HPS grow lights due to heat stress.


Auto Glueberry OG.  THC rich home grown marijuana

The sativa dominant phenotype of Auto Glueberry OG was harvested 78 days after gemination with a harvest of 160g of dry buds.  The indica/sativa hybrid was harvested at 69 days after germination with a slightly smaller 125g harvest.  However, getting 100g+ harvests in under 70 days is quite an achievement for any home grower and shows how easy it is to grow your own cannabis using premium quality auto genetics.  Auto Glueberry OG is one of the faster blooming  Dutch Passion auto varieties,  she grows quickly and delivers XL yields of top strength cannabis.  Resin production starts a little earlier than other auto varieties and continues all the way through until harvest.  

Smoke reports, words from Bailey.
"Sativa phenotype:  Has a real uplifting high that puts a smile on your face for 3 hours then settles down to a nice body relaxing high. Now this one is very special as she has a minty menthol smell to her.   I originally thought it might have just been me but my partner said the same."
"Hybrid mixed indica/sativa phenotype
Very similar to her sativa sister but with a more relaxed body/ head high for 3 hours then settles like her sister. Very fruity with a hint of citrus "
The strength of the cannabis from the best modern autos is on the same quality level as photoperiod varieties.  Its been that way for a few years now for the top-tier auto seed suppliers.  But there are still plenty of low quality, low potency auto cannabis genetics available so it pays to do your research carefully and select the best genetics that you can buy.  Cannabis seeds is one area of your life where you don't want to cut corners and compromise.  Get your seeds from a seed company you can trust, and when you have them store them in the fridge where they will remain viable for several years.  

If you are looking for a fast crop of top strength cannabis, and if your grow room is big enough then Auto Glueberry OG is a perfect choice.  Quality and quantity are delivered together by this premium strength auto variety, with a great taste and aroma.  Whats more, this auto requires no special cultivation, she grows easily in any environment and the potent parent genetics are your guarantee of success.  
April 7th 2017
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Recent comments (2)

On 21 -01-2018 at 17:10 u Glenn wrote:
I have decided to use your products for my first grow. I am impressed with your easy to understand site I am purchasing two tunnel greenhouses (20ft long 10 feet wide and 8 feet high with roll up sides) In Maine we are allowed 6 plants in flower per person. I will be planting 12 plants. I will be starting these in a grow tent in my basement. what size grow tent would you recommend?

On 23 -01-2018 at 09:48 u Eddy wrote:
Glenn, 21st Jan 2018. Get a 2 metre tall (6 feet) grow tent to allow for the occasional master-sized results that we hope you get indoors. Good luck!

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