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Auto Glueberry OG. High THC auto thats easy to grow. Cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion.


Auto Glueberry OG has impressed quite a few Dutch Passion growers since she was introduced.  Its the extreme resin production and unusually strong potency that has received most attention.  Just like the rest of the Dutch Passion auto collection the harvest quantities from Auto Glueberry OG are very good, and well above average.




This weeks grow comes from Tang, a highly experienced auto grower who specialises in LED home growing using 15 litre airpots, filled with a mix of Plagron Light soil and Perlite.  Like most home growers, Tang is focussed on growing for maximum quality. The highly aerated soil-based mixture doesn't contain many nutrients, so Tang uses his experience to gradually increase nutrient concentration as the plants get larger.  The key is to give plants nutrients without overfeeding them.  Autos have a restricted life cycle of around 75 days, and delays caused by over-feeding and stunting the plants growth will result in a smaller plant with lower yield.




Over-feeding and over-watering plants are the two most common mistakes made by home growers.  The use of air pots helps minimise the risk over over-watering by maximising root oxygen levels through the many holes in the containers.  The internal curved structure of the air pot prevents the roots from circling around the edges.  This forces the roots to use all the available volume of soil in the pot.  We see many home growers getting great results with air pots.  Felt bags are another alternative to air pots, the porous fabric allows all-round oxygen penetration into the soil.



The following remarks come from Tang.  The original grow diary is here, the plants took around 74 days from seed to harvest.


“I grew two Auto GlueBerry OG’s in 15L Airpots filled with Plagron Light Mix soil and fed them a simple combination of Advanced Nutrients and Guanokalong from days 10-60.

Light came from Grownorthern , the Holographic Series 1 LED’s were turned on for 20hrs a day. One 75w HS1 was used over the two plants for the first 35 days then a HS1 each for the remainder of the grow.”



“Growth from the outset was very impressive and I ended up with two nice sized plants with the tallest over 1m (from the soil)The bloom phase was over as fast as the veg and smelled a lot fruitier, this strain is worth growing for the aroma alone, it's incredibly intense and rich with berries and citrus.”





“The dry yield was a total of 252g from both plants so well over 2 grams per watt, something I've come to expect from the HS1s.The quality of the dry flowers is the most impressive thing of all, I can honestly say this is one of the most flavourful and powerful autos I've grown,and I've grown a lot.”


“The taste is wonderfully sweet and fruity and coats the palate for several seconds after exhaling. The high is very strong and long lasting and can have you couch locked for hours.  Overall an easy strain to grow with high quality results.”




Congratulations to Tang on a great display of cannabis home growing.  Auto’s remain one of the easiest ways to grow high THC weed at home.  Many growers simply plant the seed in the final growing container and provide 10-11 weeks of light.  Most people prefer 20 hours of daily light for autos, though many people like to use 24-hour daily light from seed to harvest on the most stable genetics from the premium quality seed vendors.  Use of LED grow lights is becoming increasingly popular with quality-conscious home growers, the optimised spectrum and reduced heat stress contribute to improved potency.  

March 31st 2017
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Recent comments (4)

On 09 -04-2017 at 00:40 u Bill orchard wrote:
I am growing this exact same strain under a 400w metal halide using the 24 hour light cycle, i will be switching over to a full spectrum bulb soon, it has been 30 day's from seed to where the plant is now, and my god these thing's grow fast. This is my first try with Auto - Flowering seeds, i have the plant in a 5 gallon container, i used 1/8th strength veg nutrients 2x, containing B1 Super thrive, Pure Blend Pro and VooDoo Juice,. My Bud formula is Pure Blend Pro, B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulant and Bat Guano, i also gave the plant 1 litre of Bokashi Probiotic, the plant is atleast 8" - 10" tall and bushy as hell, i can't wait to smoke this stuff. Would anyone be able to tell me when i should switch the MH for the Full Spectrum Bulb, i am at 4 weeks exactly today. Thank You. ** CHEERS **

On 10 -04-2017 at 12:10 u Eddy wrote:
Bill Orchard, 9th April 4 weeks is about the right time to swap the metal halide for the full spectrum bulb. The plant will be heading into bloom and will benefit from the full spectrum

On 20 -05-2017 at 17:37 u Bill orchard wrote:
Thank You very much for the advice Eddy. I ended up using a 400 watt full spectrum bulb for a couple week's making sure to keep the light about 14" away from the canopy of the plant, but due to circumstances beyond my control, i switched to a 1000 watt HPS for the 1 Glueberry plant about 3 weeks ago, keeping the 1000 watt about 20" from the top of the canopy. I made sure to add extra venting due to the heat of the 1000 watt so my Temp is at 25- 26 dg C and I dropped my Humidity down to 40%, my calendar tells me i am about 2 weeks away from finish ( 11 weeks ) The Glueberry is looking great and growing very well, i am going to start using just water and a teaspoon of molasses per 1 gallon of water to flush the plant, the Molasses is to bring out as much taste from the plant as possible. One question i have is this, almost every grower i have talked to say to leave the plant an extra 2 weeks regardless what the Seed Co. say's, i want Quality, quantity is not my main concern, could you tell me if i am on the right track please, and if not what should i be doing ? Thank You ** CHEERS **

On 22 -05-2017 at 11:07 u Eddy wrote:
Bill Orchard, 20th May 2017. Seedbanls tend to quote the earliest date at which harvest can be taken. But that doesn't mean harvest should be taken then. Some growers prefer to take the crop early. Others prefer to wait an extra week or two. Our advice, harvest buds at normal harvest time, 1week before and 1 week after and make a sumo test :-)

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