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Auto Mazar. 7 reasons to grow Dutch Passions THC auto monster


Auto Mazar was one of the first Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seed varieties to be released in the early days of autoflowers.  Since the initial introduction the breeding methods have been steadily improved.  Auto Mazar remains one the best selling Dutch Passion auto varieties, with plenty of customer feedback.  Here are the top reasons that customers give for choosing Auto Mazar



1.  Auto Mazar is easy to grow. 

We have seen lost of first time growers get great results with Auto Mazar.  50-100g of great quality cannabis is a perfectly realistic target for an inexperienced or first time cannabis grower.  Its a forgiving variety that grows under a wide range of conditions.   There are lots of self sufficient home growers that love growing Auto Mazar.  And there are lots of reluctant home growers who grow cannabis simply because its better quality and lower cost than buying it.  Auto Mazar is a proven variety which we recommend to first time cannabis growers or inexperienced/reluctant home growers.


2.  Auto Mazar  is adaptable.  

Auto Mazar is equally at home in any indoor grow system from coco to soil to hydroponics.  Auto Mazar is not a fussy variety, its a tough robust cannabis seed variety which grow with real vigor in a wide variety of conditions.  



3.  Auto Mazar has vigorous side branching. 

One of the first things our customers noticed is the extensive amounts of side branching from Auto Mazar.  With plenty of light, Auto Mazar will grow into an Xmas Tree shape, with lots of heavy yielding side branches.



4.  Auto Mazar has heavy harvests. 

This is always a popular reason for repeat growers to choose any variety.  Expert growers will be able to achieve several hundred grams in good conditions.  Its not just quantity, the Auto Mazar genetics deliver genuine quality.  Its a strong Afghani indica smoke, high in THC and with a great anti-anxiety high alongside a solid body stone. Its a staff favourite too.



5.  Auto Mazar grows well outdoors

...with good mold and pest resistance.  Alongside Auto Frisian Dew, Auto Mazar is one of our best rated outdoor auto cannabis varieties.  The genetics have a natural pest and mold resistance, they are tough and grow vigorously.  They take around 85-90 days to grow from seed to harvest outdoors.  They like to be started indoors for a week or two under 24 hour indoor light, it gives them the perfect start.



6.  Medical growers like Auto Mazar too. 

The powerful indica genetics are popular with recreational growers for the strong body stone and blissful high.  The same qualities are much in demand with medical cannabis growers too.  Auto Mazar gets good feedback from medical users, she is easy to grow and delivers solid harvests.



7.  Auto Mazar is a reliable and consistent variety. 

Dutch Passion customers appreciate the effort that goes into making genetics which are consistent.  Auto Mazar offers good harvests and high THC results on a consistent basis. 




Probably the main reason for the large number of Auto Mazar repeat growers is the ability to grow THC rich cannabis with no real effort.  Its an easy and uncomplicated variety that yields well.  Expert growers can get XXL harvests, but new growers can (and have) produced some great first time cannabis grows too.  If you haven't grown Auto Mazar yet, then give her a try this year, indoors or outdoors!

June 2nd 2017
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