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Auto White Widow medical marijuana home grown review. Dutch Passion cannabis seeds used for fast and easy medical cannabis production


Auto White Widow is one of Dutch Passions easiest and strongest THC rich auto varieties to grow.  Auto White Widow uses cannabis genetics from the multi-award winning White Widow.  In this weeks grow review two Auto White Widow cannabis seeds were planted and grown in a deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics system by ‘Med Grower’.  Using 255W of LED (actual power consumption) a final harvest of 277g of dried cannabis buds was achieved 81 days after germination.  Med Grower has previously grown Auto Ultimate and Blue AutoMazar the home-grown cannabis is used for a patient with MS.  High-THC auto varieties have proven to be useful for dealing with the symptoms and pain from this illness.  The full grow review is here on the auto flower network.



Auto White Widow easy home grown cannabis with DWC and LED.

The two Auto White Widows were grown in a tent measuring 60cm x 120cm x 200cm.  Lights were the Grow Northern Holographic Series 1 and the MS006, both were sold by Dutch Passion / Crazy LEDs and both lights continue to give great results.  Nutrients were from Advanced Nutrients and Remo Nutrients.  The light system was 20 hours on, 4 hours darkness.  This is a typical light regime for Dutch Passion autoflowering varieties. and produces excellent results.


One important comment to make about Auto White Widow is that it has a strong smell during growth, this is a general characteristic of the White Widow family, and it is important to use a good quality carbon filter during the grow to control the smell.


Auto White Widow is also an easy cannabis variety to grow outdoors, taking around 85-90 days from seed to harvest.  The variety stay around, or below, 1m in hight.  




Hydroponic reservoir:

Old GHE aeroponic system tank modified to be just a simple DWC tank with 2 inch trays and 9.6 litre-per-minute air pump with 4 air-stones.


Nutrient line-up:

Remo Nutrients (Micro, Grow, Bloom, MagNifiCal, VeloKelp, AstroFlower & Nature's Candy

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice (Beneficial bacteria product)

Advanced Nutrients Sensizyme (Enzyme product to help keep the roots clean)


Air movement:

Carbon filter and exhaust fan (280m3/h) with an oscillating fan




Auto White Widow, easy to grow with high THC content

The two Auto White Widow plants grew steadily, with a thick main stem and plenty of side growth.  The main stem quickly reached 2.5cm diameter.  Under good quality, intense light the plants grew quickly with good levels of side branching.  This allows numerous blooms to grow and ensures heavy harvests.  Auto White Widow usually shows pre-flowers around day 25, and indoors she is usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination.  On this occasion MedGrower gave the plants 81 days from seed to harvest and was very pleased with the medical properties of the Auto White Widow cannabis.  Here are some comments on the grow from MedGrower:  



“This grow took 81 days under maximum of 255w of power under LED lights and yielded 277g of dry bud. Even though I had some issues with fluctuating pH and Calcium deficiency the results were really satisfying! With vigorous growth, relatively fast performance and compact size with really pleasant buds with appetizing scent this strain has become my go-to White Widow to grow.”


“I grew Auto White Widow in DWC at the nutrient levels peaking at 1.2 EC, with an average of pH 6.2, and I can safely assume this strain has fairly average needs for feed. It may be a bit of a calcium hog though (may require supplemental Calcium). The smell is very strong and it seemed to permeate slightly out of my grow room even though I have an active carbon filter - so it is not to be underestimated. I would recommend this variety from everyone from first time grower to hard boiled botanist with decades of experience. It's a fun strain to grow!”



Congratulations to MedGrower on another successful Dutch Passion auto home grow.  The Dutch Passion auto genetics are some of the most reliable available.  If you are looking to grow a fast, reliably potent cannabis variety then take a look at Auto White Widow.  Its a best seller, with lots of repeat growers and thousands of satisfied customers.


April 21st 2017
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