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AutoBlackberry Kush home grown cannabis review


AutoBlackberry Kush is one of Dutch Passions most recent Dutch Passion autofem releases. She was released after many requests for an automatic Kush variety that would provide all the taste and aroma of an original photoperiod Kush with the speed and simplicity of an AutoFem.  The result came from crossing our own Blueberry genetics with a gene bank Kush and making the hybrid automatic and feminized.  



extracts from the grow


Most of the AutoBlackberry Kush plants show blue/purple colourations together with one of the tastiest and best scented aromas that we have ever found in an auto.  As you would expect from a Dutch Passion autoflowering variety , this is also a heavy yielding variety of exceptionally strong cannabis. 

This weeks review comes from Organic Jim who has also reviewed , Night Queen, a totally amazing Think Different and AutoBlueberry.  

 Along with the Auto Blackberry Kush, Organic Jim also made a short review of StarRyder and Blue AutoMazar.  The pictures and words come from him:



“My smoking review partner is known as ‘Gypsy Dave’ and our absent tester, who only managed one session is known as ‘Chef L. i-am’.  The total grow time was just 10 weeks 4 days from seed to harvest.  The buds were then dried for 2 weeks. All the plants were treated to LST to keep the plant height down i.e. low stress trained, using string to tie down the the branches.”


“The light was a 400w dual spectrum HPS in a 90cmx90cmx180cm grow tent.  From the two AutoBlackberry Kush plants the total dry yield was 135g of top quality bud, plus lots of little airy buds for hash making.  Pink colours started showing as soon as the first buds were forming.  The buds grew with pink, red and purple flowers. More red and purple colours developed as the buds matured at the end of flowering. After drying the colour is still there and looks gorgeous in the grinder, ready to use. Very lavender purple with green flecks.”


“The aroma while growing the AutoBlackberry Kush was sweet and floral, spicy and fresh. Once it was dry the sweet spices really come out very well.  Its a pungent and heady smoke, no real blueberry influence.  Once the buds have cured for a while the aroma is really coming through.

The high is very relaxing and not too cloudy so you can still function perfectly well. If you have a lot in one go it can be quite psychedelic feeling, so I stick to lower doses in my vape.”



“The StarRyder is exactly as it should be, strong, pungent and weighty with 160g of buds. The Blue Auto Mazar really shines though, its sweet and fruity with a real blueberry candy smell which carries through perfectly into the vape taste. This one weighed in at 145g of rock hard, very sticky, very stinky bud and lots of fluffy bud for hash. The Blue AutoMazar high is extremely strong so a little goes a long way. It affects the head and body in equal measure with a very relaxed state of mind, almost hypnotic. The body effect is floaty and a bit disconnected , but in a lovely fuzzy cloud!”

Above: Blue AutoMazar

Below:  StarRyder





Congratulations to Organic Jim on some beautiful looking buds.  Although its only a recent release AutoBlackberry Kush is becoming a customer favourite primarily because of the strong Kush taste, aroma and knock-down potency.    If you have been looking for a colourful auto with great taste, appearance and effect then you should add AutoBlackberry Kush to your seed collection.

August 14th 2015
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Recent comments (3)

On 17 -08-2015 at 17:24 u Lex wrote:
So you are saying you got 135 dried g of two auto bbk, 165 of another plant and 145 of another plant. 440g dried from 400w hps ?? Does the auto bbk yield so much less than bluemazar and the other?

On 03 -11-2015 at 02:07 u Matash wrote:
hi dear do u have shipping to iran ? are u accept Paypal ? Im looking for a really blue color flower .

On 03 -11-2015 at 15:18 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Hi Matash. This is the variety if you want a colourful harvest. Also check out Frisian Duck, it doesn't look like cannabis so its easy to hide. We do not ship to your country but the following people probably will http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/dealers/international/

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