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AutoEuforia home grow review under LED grow light



Our weekly grow review comes from GrimReefer who got a 150g harvest from AutoEuforia with just 150W of LED light via two 75w HS1 grow lights in an Alien Hydroponics 55 litre deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic grow container.  Getting a gram-per-watt of harvest from your grow room lighting indicates very high levels of efficiency in the grow room, usually achievable only with heavier-yielding cannabis varieties, efficient use of lighting and plenty of experience.



AutoEuforia is the auto version of our famous 1980’s Skunk photoperiod Euforia.  Its a variety often grown for the quality of the blissful euphoric high.  AutoEuforia grows well under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest.  She is usually ready to harvest about 75 days after germination and is an above average yielding auto.  The following words and pictures come from Grim Reefer and the original grow diary is here.



“For me the most rewarding part about this variety is its potency and effects. 

Auto Euphoria is a very strong head-high which almost feels like its going to be too intense and mind numbing but surprisingly its not. Your ability to focus whilst at the same time being high-as-a-kite is really something quite special. Most other variety's that are this strong don't allow you to focus and sooth the mind like the way Auto Euphoria does.  Also the taste of this strain is very plain and simple but there is something sweet and unique about that I very much so like. Something for everyone to enjoy. “


“I will grow out AutoEuforia again for sure and when I do I would like to start LST (low stress training) much earlier than before. I think I started on week 5 this time, next time it would begin as soon as she is in the DWC pot. The reason for this is it allows the plant to stretch a little more making it easier to LST and  in turn this causes the plant to become much bushier.  Auto Euphoria is a light feeder with her sweet spot being in the range on EC 1.0-1.2 at the very most. “



Nutrients were:

 Advanced Nutrients

•Sensi Grow A+B

•Connoisseur Bloom A+B

•Bud Factor X










Dry Yield: 151 Grams


High/Effect Duration:   The intensity of the High is strong for about 2 hours after a smoke/ vape.  Although the effects last for up to 4 - 6 hours or so.”





BAG APPEAL: 3 marks out of 5


The Auto Euphoria bud looks decent in a bag. It looks like proper skunk with a nice shade of lime green and some bright amber pistils. The buds are so light that a 3.5 gram bag looks like 6-7 grams. The only down fall is most of the buds are airy with minimum density compared to other strains (although I think that the lack of wattage and spectrum in the LED had a part to play in that).


THE GROWTH: 5 out of 5


This girl grew like a proper beast, very strong/hardy and bushy because of the Low Stress Training that was applied. This plant was accidentally super cropped while Low Stress training at around week 4 -5 and it didn't effect or stunt growth one bit. This is a mold resilient strain with massive harvest possible.


Final Height: 136cm , Final Width: 120cm++



THE SMELL: 3 out of 5


The aroma from this plant is something quite unique but yet familiar.

It smells like some proper spicy Skunk from the late 90s but with an oak/pear twist.

The smells itself is not very intense so you don't need to worry about anyone else being able to smell it unless they are right beside you. Unfortunately thats the only reason I marked this one down a bit. I like to have something that stinks the whole place out of it.


THE SMOKE: 4 out of 5


The smoke itself is a little plain but yet really nice with slight hints of something special and its well worth a try. No over complicated flavours over powering the pallet and its very smooth. The flavour can only be described as slightly peppery with undertones of sweet limes with a surprising bitter after taste. 


THE HIGH: 5 out of 5

This Sativa Auto-Flower lives up to its name with the initial high becoming quite euphoric and it

eventually mellowing out after about 2 hours. The high is mostly felt in the head and its very warm and strong but not over powering. I find that this smoke is perfect for day time use as its very soothing in high stress situations and helps with focusing the mind.


Its also very energetic and not a couch lock at all, some might say that if you smoke some before bed it might actually keep you up rather than putting you to sleep, But I think that can also depend on the person also. I feel this smoke would help anxious people relax and forget about their problems whilst at the same time giving the correct effect to stay focused and stress free.



I think that there is some medicinal value to this strain as it was smoked over a period where I was quite unwell and unable to smoke anything else as everything made me worse. The smoke actually helped with my stomach pains just like any pain reliever medications would do if not better.


Warning!! The scissors hash when smoked makes you feel like your coming up on MDMA, it is a very intense warm head high which last for about 4-6 hours if not more and leave you stoned over till the next day.



Special congratulations on this grow, it was a highly efficient use of energy to produce a great looking home grown harvest.

May 6th 2016
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