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AutoMazar cannabis strain review, home grown with tomato feed in small tent.


This weeks AutoMazar review comes from Paulie who grew a medium sized AutoMazar in his compact 60cmx60cm x 140cm grow tent with an 82g harvest.  These days we find that more and more home-growers are buying a smaller sized tent with the aim of home grown cannabis self sufficiency by relying on small numbers of plants grown from proven seed varieties.  


AutoMazar, like the rest of the Dutch Passion autos typically grow to around 1 metre in hight - although the very best home growers can grow them much bigger using hydroponics & powerful lights.  This means that autos can be grown in smaller tents/closets and will deliver good harvests without compromising quality.  Because autos grow under any light regime (usually 20 hours of daily light) there is no traditional ‘veg’ or ‘bloom’ periods.  This makes it easy and convenient to grow from AutoFem seeds, you can simply germinate new autos in the corner of your grow room while the main plant is maturing.  Auto growers call this an auto production line, germinating a new seed every 2 or 3 weeks depending on their needs. A typical auto tent only requires 3 or 4 plants, aged at e.g. 0, 3, 6 and 9 weeks old, allowing the grower to harvest a plant every couple of weeks using a single light cycle of 20 hours on, 4 hours darkness.  Increasingly we see growers use continuous 24 hour light for the varieties from the leading seedbanks. In this grow the AutoMazar was grown beside an older AutoWhite Widow which was in its last few weeks.




Paulie grew his AutoMazar in an 11 litre container of supermarket (B&Q) garden soil.  The soil was mixed with 20% perlite and had 2 tablespoons of Dolomite Lime added.  Dolomite lime is a natural mineral rich in Calcium and Magnesium, experienced growers like Paulie know this is a useful additive to enrich the soil quality and prevent nutrient deficiencies in later growth.


Lighting came from an unbranded LED with 320W of power draw.  LED is becoming increasingly popular with home growers, the low heat levels produced (compared to HPS) and the compact size of the LED lights makes them ideally suited to cannabis home growing especially in smaller areas where heat minimisation is important.


Paulie used tomato feed (‘Tomorite’) to feed his plants.  Although there are lots of purpose-designed cannabis nutrients available Paulie has previously shown that cannabis can be grown perfectly well using inexpensive tomato nutrients, check out his Think Different diary for the details.  Paulie did use some specialist “Buddhas Tree pk 9/18 bloom booster, molasses  and some liquid silicone.  


“The AutoMazar seed was soaked in a glass for 24hrs then put straight into soil and under a 125 compact fluorescent light for 6 days then into my tent under the led....she shared the best part of her life with a DP Auto White Widow and was left on her own for the final 3 weeks.”


“She had a little silicone at around 4 weeks to help her cope with the slightly high temperatures in the tent but she was fine and seemed to enjoy the heat.  I started to feed Tomorite (standard garden-centre Tomato feed) on day 38.  I added 1.5ml/ltr to initially.  This was increased to 3ml/ltr on day 41.  I used a system of water, followed by feed, followed by water.


By day 50 the AutoMazar was drinking 2 litres daily and lapping up the feed.  I also started using the Buddhas Tree pk 9/18 at a dose of 0.5ml/ltr on every other watering (ie pK boost given on alternate feeds, not on every feed).  Growth was noticeable daily and she had one bid main cola and 17 secondary tops and was starting to smell rather funky, a bit like cats piss though!”


“On day 70 I took the AutoWhite Widow down so that the AutoMazar had all the light to herself in the grow tent.  I stretched out the branches of the AutoMazar using yo yo's  (these tie the branches down, allowing more light onto the branches) to take advantage of the extra room and light.  Due to circumstances i had to harvest her on day 82.  The trichomes were 90% milky/ 10% amber so i wasn’t too disappointed that she had to come down.  The buds were rock hard and sticky and took about a week to dry leaving me with 82g of dry buds, I was well happy.”


“The smell is fruity/hashy if that makes sense lol....nice smooth smoke, no coughing, with a nice hashy taste on the exhale leading to a half hour spacey high progressing to a “‘I need to sit down for a bit’ stone…..nice.”


“When i grow this strain again i will do a single seed in a big 17ltr sack and let her flourish in the small room that i have.  AutoMazar is an easy plant to grow as long as you keep her well fed and happy.  She  takes time to develop and i could have left mine for another 2 weeks easy…….”




Paulie once again shows that its easy to be a self sufficient cannabis home grower even with a small grow tent and inexpensive tomato nutrients.  And as any home-grower already knows, the quality of cannabis that you can grow yourself is far superior to street weed - you control the genetics and the way it is grown.  Most home growers start growing their own cannabis to save money and improve quality and find it is also a hugely enjoyable hobby. The other benefit of growing your own is the absolute control over quality, and of course you can make sure that you never run out of cannabis again.    You don’t need a big tent, expensive equipment, specialist nutrients or secret knowledge.  If you haven't grown cannabis before then check out our first time growers guide, or follows Paulies method.


September 18th 2015
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