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AutoNight Queen grow review with soil and HPS grow light


AutoNight Queen is the auto version of Dutch Passion’s Prize winning ‘Night Queen’ Afghani Indica.  AutoNight Queen is just as frosty as the photoperiod classic which first appeared in our collection during the 1980’s.  This is a variety that suits growers looking for a fast crop of strong indica kush cannabis.  AutoNight Queen is one of our shorter varieties and would suit anyone growing in a small space with restricted hight.


AutoNight Queen


This weeks grow review comes from experienced Dutch Passion grower ‘Hazy’, who grew the AutoNight Queens in Plagron Light soil, with BioBizz fish mix.  The seeds were germinated in ‘Root It’ germination cubes and grown under a 600W HPS in 18 litre containers.  Hazy maximised the yields by training the plants to grow horizontally along garden canes. This ensured a flat and low canopy with all the buds getting optimum light intensity which maximised the final harvest.  The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.

AutoNight Queen


The words and pictures come from Hazy.

“So i ended up with three different phenos, I love growing from seed. I had what i would term the ‘classic’ which Dutch Passion were trying to create, it seemed to carry it's parentage very evenly. Then there was a smaller pheno showing more of the ‘afghan kush' qualities - very frosty but less aroma. There was also a phenotype where a lot of the Mazar genetics came through, buds formed in the normal way Mazar would, unlike the way the others which formed much more in keeping with the growth pattern of a classic indica bud.”

AutoNight Queen

AutoNight Queen


“And they all smoke very differently..the first one is Amsterdam 1991, it’s got a perfect chocolaty smoke, dank loveliness.  The small one has no real strong flavour, but it hits very hard indeed just a couple of joints and it's lights out.  The ‘Mazar phenotype’ is all fruity lemony zesty loveliness, and very strong.  And hell did they yield, 100g+ per plant easy, even though they are short they carry some nice long blooms.  I got around 14-16 blooms from each plant after training.”

AutoNight Queen

AutoNight Queen


“AutoNight Queen is a really easy plant to grow with no special requirements.  They flourished despite being under-fed a little in the beginning they still delivered...can't recommend it enough”


Hazy has enough experience with the Dutch Passion autos to know that they are tough and stable enough to be tied down aggressively shortly after germination.  The horizontal garden canes are fixed to the plant pots with standard garden cable-ties.  As soon as each AutoNight Queen was tall enough Hazy was able to gently tie the seedling to the garden cane.  As each AutoNight Queen grew a few more centimetres Hazy also tied the new growth horizontally to the garden cane.  This technique allows all the lower blooms to receive the same intense light as the main bloom.  As a result all of the buds are roughly at the same distance from the light, at the optimum ‘bloom’ distance from the light.  

AutoNight Queen



This technique of growing is a form of low stress training (‘LST’) which can improve the yields on any cannabis plant.  The principle is simply to open up the structure of the cannabis plant to light allowing the buds to grow faster and larger.  Its a technique that can help reduce the hight of a plant if your grow room is not very high. 



AutoNight Queen harvest hash


Congratulations to Hazy on another quality Dutch Passion harvest.  AutoNight Queen uses proven top quality genetics to offer the home grower a hard-hitting indica kush variety which has a potent effect and a strong body stone.  Its a variety which will appeal to anyone wanting a heavy couch-lock stone with a long lasting feel-good indica kush effect.  AutoNight Queen is also a compact variety which will usually stay shorter than the average auto (75cm or less) and is ideally suited to people with small grow areas.  


sticky buds

March 4th 2016
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I find them difficult to sprout. I use rain water, has some here any experience with rain water, they all say should be verry good in hydroponics greetz karl

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