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AutoNight Queen wins First Prize at 2016 Highlife Cup




Holland.  AutoNight Queen has taken 1st Prize in the Autoflower section of the 2016 Highlife Cup.  AutoNight Queen grows from seed to harvest in around 70 days, and is one of the most potent Auto-kush varieties in the Dutch Passion collection with a strong body stone and yields which are above average.  The indica genetics come from the prize-winning Afghan photoperiod Night Queen variety.  Buds are dense and firm, coated in a rich resin coating and with a strong Afghan aroma and rich kush taste.



June 22nd 2016


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On 10 -10-2016 at 14:59 u Chiagozie wrote:
i would like to be employed as a worker there in Netherlands

On 18 -11-2016 at 21:54 u Janne wrote:
yeah me too. Current grow:2x auto night queen and 2xthink different. Expecting at least 1000gram harvest, looking really good right now, really bushy,wery strong white roots. real JOY to grow these babies:) loving it,or them both, but first time growing AutoNightQueen strain, my hopes are high, but i know that Dutch Passion seed allways delivers.

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