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AutoUltimate grow review. A Kilogram harvest from two plants


Dutch Passion AutoUltimate has quickly established itself as one of the heaviest yielding modern autos.  In this weeks customer grow ‘TeeTee’ grew two AutoUltimates in coco fibre and got a 1 Kg harvest from his 920W LED grow.  AutoUltimate gets its genetics from our heavy-yielding best selling photoperiod variety  ‘The Ultimate’ which is popular among home growers that simple want a really heavy yielding plant which delivers ultra-heavy harvests without compromising the ‘Grade A’ quality standard.



One interesting aspect of this grow was that the trichome appearance showed mainly cloudy and very few amber trichomes despite the 105 day grow cycle.  Most auto growers choose to harvest their plants around 10-11 weeks after germination.  Here TeeTee allowed the AutoUltimate an extra 3-4 weeks and the plants probably doubled their yield as a result.  Autos continue to surprise people with their flexibility, productivity and quality.




The following comments are from TeeTee, the original grow diary is here.


“I have a basic 1.4m x 1.4m growtent, using Coco as a medium in Airpots. I started them in 5L airpots, then moved them into 20L airpots after 30 days to induce rapid root development. I used House and Garden Cocos nutrients, and the full range of House and Garden additives along with EC 0 rainwater. 

During the vegetative phase, I had 1x Helios 6 (300W) and 2x Helios Pro 2's (100W each) covering one plant at the back half of the tent, and a 600W Solis Tek 6K MH bulb covering the other plant at the front half of the tent all on a 20/4 schedule. I rotated the pots by 1/4 turn daily, and swapped the plants every 3-4 days so that both had exposure to LED and MH“



“Once flowering started, I changed the MH bulb for a Solis Tek 600W HPS on day 37 , but by day 49 they had grown so tall, they were too close to the lights and suffered a little heat stress. I therefore removed the HPS and added 2x Photon Pro 126 LED panels (210W each), and remained totally LED for the rest of the grow at a total of 920W. 1131.9g / 920W = 1.2g/W”


“This is a great strain for growers of all abilities, as she is very forgiving and very generous. I repotted my two girls and I super-cropped them numerous times, they got heat stress, and each time they bounced back with vigour. I kept the EC of the nutrient in the 1.0-1.1 range for most of the grow which went to 115 and 120 days“


“If I could have done anything differently in the grow I would have installed the Photon panels instead of the HPS at the start of flowering, and switched to a SCROG style of grow.”


“The buds were tight and plump, with a good thick sticky coating of trichomes. The overriding scent was lemony citrus, but there was an underlying sweet medicinal smell with occasional hints of strawberry and coffee. The smoke taste was complex, again mainly lemon with hints of sweetness and coffee. The stone is uplifting and energetic, becoming trancelike after repeated joints. I found that it heightened creativity and thinking skills, and made getting through mundane tasks, like housework, a breeze, with an effect lasting a good 3-4 hours. A small amount of scissor hash, when dabbed, leaves you feeling deeply stoned, slightly detached but still reasonably alert. Interestingly, my Wife gets extremely kinky after smoking it ;) “



“Without a doubt, the best things about this plant are the yield and the quality of the smoke. It's the Ultimate!

This is a good strain for someone looking for a good heavy stone without the couch-lock, as it allows you to focus and get on with things while still enjoying being stoned. “


This was a remarkable home grow, and we pass our congratulations to TeeTee on a special result.  Not many people will see quite so much cannabis on their plants.  If you want to grow a really large cannabis plant you need to start with the right genetics, and combine that with a good growing environment.  AutoUltimate is one of our customer favourites for all the right reasons, heavy yields of resinous buds.  Its an un-demanding variety to grow, she normally grows indoors under 20 hours of daily light but also grows well outdoors or in a greenhouse.  


September 11th 2015
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On 28 -09-2015 at 18:22 u Fairlynew wrote:
Simply outstanding work. You should bring your skills over to AUTOFLOWER NETWORK. I love those COB leds I have a 1200 watt and it is a workhorse. over a pound a plant is super outstanding

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