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AutoUltimate grow review. Huge cannabis home grow with soil and LED


 This weeks blog features a magnificent AutoUltimate cannabis home grow.  Its one of the best looking auto flowers that we have ever seen from a soil grow, it shows how well autoflowering genetics have evolved and how far they can be pushed by the best growers.  The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network



This weeks blog comes from experienced auto grower ‘Tang’ who grew the AutoUltimate in a 15 litre airpot container using Plagron Light soil.  As usual, Tang used LED to provide lighting.  Not only does LED produce less grow room heat than HPS, it also uses around half the electricity required by HPS.  With less heat it is possible to simplify grow room design, reduce extraction levels and utilise more of the grow room space for your plant.  


Above.  Feed schedule



The photographs show the results that can be achieved with the best auto genetics.  Not only are modern autoflowering varieties potent and heavy yielding, but they are so simple to grow at home.  Simply plant the seed in a container and wait for 10-11 weeks, most growers use a system of 20 hours of daily light from start to finish, but we are seeing an increasing humber of people that grow autos simply under permanent light from seed to harvest.





The following comments are from Tang

“This was my second attempt at the Auto Ultimate and after a 10 ounce (300g) plant the last time I had high expectations for this girl and I hoped to beat 300 grams (dry weight).

The Auto Ultimate seed was started using the paper towel method.  The seed was then put into a Root Riot cube and then directly into a 15L Airpot filled with Plagron Light soil.  Fertilisers were from ‘Advanced Nutrients’ and I started a light feed after 10 days.


“Veg growth was pretty standard at the start but as soon as The AutoUltimate got into her stride I knew I had something very special on my hands and all kinds of fantastic yields were running through my head. Vegetive growth and the first period of bloom were done under a GN MS0006 180w hybrid fitted with 4 Philips Rebel upgrades then later in bloom I added another 120w of LED in a standard MS0004.This girl soaked up all the energy I could throw at her and I was having to feed twice a day during bloom to stop her from wilting. The exact feed schedule used is here


“Coming to the end of bloom and harvest I know this plant would smash my best ever harvest, and she didn't fail, coming in at a massive 515g dry.”


“The smell and taste from the buds was a little more mild than the last Ultimate I grew, with a very nice lemony vape with some wicked potency as well. Because it was such a bumper yield I ended up extracting the resin from most of the plant and I have to say the high quality resin made some delicious hash. If you are growing this strain in a big pot make sure you have a lot of room.  Fertilizers and plenty of light bring the best out of her.”


Congratulations to Tang on one of the best indoor autoflowering grows that we have seen using soil.  If you are looking for one of the best yielding and easiest autos to grow then AutoUltimate is one of the best quality auto genetics available.  AutoUltimate also performs well outdoors in a greenhouse or a polytunnel.  




May 29th 2015
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Recent comments (5)

On 29 -05-2015 at 13:29 u The King wrote:
This lady makes me smile every time I see her... Fantastic growing as we've grown to expect from Mr TaNg the LED Master....

On 01 -06-2015 at 05:20 u Fairly new wrote:
That is one beautiful Auto Ultimate

On 02 -06-2015 at 18:28 u ART RAPS wrote:
What pH level is best for Ultimate Auto in loam type potting mix? No topsoil. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog. Comes with a balanced pH of 6.3 - 6.8.

On 03 -06-2015 at 09:28 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
ART RAPS, AutoUltimate should love the pH conditions you mention. Its a pretty robust variety which grows well under a range of conditions. So don't worry about trying to find the 'perfect' conditions. And good luck :-)

On 11 -07-2015 at 10:32 u Paul bone wrote:
a great plant as it goes, like the company ths st so far on a few plants i managed to grow some weed and its came from some seeds i thought were not goodbut i\'m a poor judge and i\'m very happy with the results so far. Kinda shows the plant i am thought were poor! the proof is in the smokin i guess, but a lesson was learned when i had to throw a the plant (buds!) i\'m smokin got botrytis during all the damn wet weathe. all i can say is i still got a good resullt ever autoflower i am truly amazed. its sort of \'where have i been? A great company and pleasure to deal with

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