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AutoXtreme Home Grown Cannabis Review


The Dutch Passion AutoXtreme grown in this weeks blog was the growers first time growing autoflowering cannabis,and only his second grow in total. As you can see from the pictures it was a great looking result, with a very heavy harvest.  The grower is “Si Wee Tang” who was inspired to grow his own cannabis after reading diaries from Master Grower Tang (the original Tang expert diaries include Think Different, AutoWhite Widow, Blue AutoMazar, AutoDurban Poison, AutoEuforia and many others).



AutoXtreme is a heavy yielding sativa with strong hints of Haze, it takes around 85 days from seed to harvest, a little longer than our other autos but repays you with notable heavy crops of seriously strong cannabis with a euphoric feel to it.  The plant can grow tall, often 1 metre and sometimes 1.5m in good conditions with sufficient nutrients and light.  Our customers love this variety and we get lots of repeat growers who enjoy the reliability, robustness, heavy yields and most of all the strong buds.  Most repeat growers choose AutoXtreme for the combination of intensely strong cannabis with XXL harvests.



The details and pictures come from Si Wee Tang who germinated a 7-pack of AutoXtreme, read on to see how he does


“I germinated 7 AutoXtreme seeds between paper towels on a plate then covered the paper towels with a plate. They all germinated after 72 hours I then transplanted into  2 litre pots using a coco/perlite 50/50 mix. I then put all 7 in the tent under 4x T5 fluorescent tubes with a 6-inch fan blowing on them to make them as strong as possible. After a week under the T5 fluorescent tubes I transferred to final pots which were 4x 6.5 litre round pots and 3 x15 litre gorilla tubs”



“I then fed them at 1/4 strength nutrients using rhizotonic along with Canna A & B.   I continued, after a couple of weeks the growth was slow then all off a sudden BOOM!, the plants went crazy.   So I decided I would try topping one of them (cut off the growing tip with scissors) which I did then with one and then all of them.   I did a lot of LST (low stress training, e.g. tying the branches down) to even out the growth as much as possible which they absolutely loved.  This surprised me since everything I had read about autos told me not to do anything with them.  I forgot to mention the plants were now under 2x600 watt HPS lights.  I added Big Bud to the feed schedule at half strength but upped the rhizotonic and canna to full strength since plants were now strong enough.” 



“I continued with this feed until week 9 then added some bud candy and finally added the overdrive for the last 2 weeks before flushing for a week with just water. Overall this plant is an absolute legend in my eyes.  They took everything I threw at it them and came back stronger than ever”


“Finally I added the ‘Overdrive’ nutrient for the last 2 weeks.  Then I flushed the plants for a week with just water.   Total time from seed to harvest was 90 days. I took an overall dry weight of 25 oz (700g) from the 7 AutoXtremes which I think is pretty good and I forgot to say this is my first auto grow and only my second grow in total. So I’m a total newbie who did a lot of research before going ahead and I had help from a few great growers. My lighting was 2x600 watt HPS I used a coco-fibre and perlite mix in a variety of containers from 6 litres to 14 litres.  One thing I will do next time is stick to the larger containers.”


“The feeds were Rhizotonic root stim, with Canna A & B throughout. In preflower I added ‘Big bud’ and ‘Bud Candy’ nutrients.  In the last few weeks I added overdrive then flushed with water for a week"





Congratulations to another successful AutoXtreme grower.  Its no surprise that this AutoFem is as popular with new growers as she is with experienced growers.  This auto delivers top quality results no matter how you grow her.

August 7th 2015
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