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Blue AutoMazar medical grow review


This weeks Blue AutoMazar was grown in deep water culture (DWC) by an experienced medical grower who got a huge 314g dry harvest from just 255W of LED in 95 days from seed to harvest.  



Its a good example of how modern cannabis growers can get massive yields from the best auto cannabis genetics grown under optimum conditions.  And it shows that you can be self sufficient with small numbers of plants if you select the best auto seed genetics.  Blue AutoMazar is a feminized autoflowering variety, she uses proven genetics from Blueberry and Mazar to combine quality with quantity. She grows from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light, normally in 75 days.  Here Blue AutoMazar took 20 days longer than usual, but rewarded the grower with an exceptionally heavy harvest.


The following information is from ‘MedGrower’, a skilled grower who has also grown our AutoUltimate variety in a previous review.



“I started a new grow with the one remaining Blue AutoMazar seed I still had. This one is a cabinet grow and similar to my previous AutoUltimate except that this time I am growing only one plant in the same space.


Grow space:  60cm x 120cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,72 m2



MS006 for vegetative grow

MS006 & HS1 LED for bloom


Lightcycle: 20 / 4



Old GHE aeroponic system tank modified to be just DWC tank. I use 2" trays and 60 litres/minute air pump with 4 air-stones on this one.


Nutrient line-up, Advanced Nutrients:


Sensi Grow and Bloom

Voodoo Juice


Bud Ignitor


Big Bud





Canna Nutrients:


Mono Calcium

Mono Magnesium


Air movement:

Carbon filter and fan

Oscillating fan



28 litres water startup containing:

20 ml AN Sensi Grow

15 ml AN Rhino Skin

60 ml Canna Rhizotonic


EC 0.6

pH 6.2

RH 40%”


MedGrower made the following comments about the main learnings from the grow:


“1) A high amount of air pumped into the reservoir was essential, I used a heavy duty air pump with 4 air stones. That really promotes better root growth


2) Early LST (low stress training, tying down branches etc) helps big harvests. Start as early as you dare, just start gradually bending the plant and allow light in to the lower nodes so the growth starts to happen more equally on all sides and you end up with a nice bush. I start usually in the 3rd week.


3) If your plant is completely healthy, start defoliation (removal of a few leaves) to let more light in. Start first really easy, take a couple of leaves out and let the plant heal for couple days. Repeat as needed. Do not overdo it! The trick is to increase the stress overtime so the plant can handle more without problem. I think I have had really good results because of this


4) Use the HS1 LED at the beginning at 40cm distance and let the plant grow until they are 20cm from the lights. Then raise the height of the HS1 along with the plant until no further stretch. I think with this one I actually had HS1's just 10cm to 15cm at the very end of the stretching phase. That caused that intense Calcium deficiency you can see. Just supplement more CalMag if you have the HS1 LED really close. Also supplement with bio-silicon - since it helps with the intense light! I remember bio-silicon supplementation also helped with better photosynthesis!


I also use Orca Grow film on my garden walls. That stuff really seems to deliver even though it can be expensive it is good stuff!


5) If possible, keep the relative humidity between 30 to 50 at all times and temperature around 24C.


6) I should note that I used really low EC - a max EC of 1.5 (the EC of the tap water was 0.1) For most of the later growth stages my EC was only 1.2.


7) Advanced Nutrients. They are simply the best.   I do like to use Canna Rhizotonic for the first couple of weeks at 4ml per litre. That is awesome stuff!



Rosin pressing compatibility: Yes suitable for Rosin pressing. This strain squirts well under heat-pressing.




Growth (MedGrower answers): 

This one is fast and very vigorous variety. I already started LST and even defoliation on day 12 of growing her and she loved it and by the day 39 she had already filled my 120cm x 60cm grow-space.

I found that in the peak growth she drank approx. 4 litres of water a day, so she can take a generous amount of water.


High/Effect Duration (answers from MedGrowers patient):

When smoked or vaporized, the onset of the medical effects is very gentle; reaching its full effect after about ten minutes. The pain relief lasts for up to two hours, and the relaxing effect can last twice as long. 


Medical effect (answers from MedGrowers patient):

This strain is excellent for relieving my nerve pain, and is also an ideal evening medicine. When concentrated or taken in high doses, this strain can occasionally aggravate my fatigue symptoms, but that's a small trade-off for effective pain relief. Blue AutoMazar is one of my preferred choices for pain relief and relaxation, and it's my favourite strain in terms of flavour.



RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good



 THE SMELL: *****

 THE VAPE: *****

 THE SMOKE: ****



Hope this helps. Everyone's garden is different so I feel quite uneasy to give a general advice about "how to reach maximum crops". But this is what I think has helped me in my case.

June 3rd 2016
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