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Canada. Cannabis may help digestive disorders even in tiny amounts


Canada.  Researchers at Canada's prestigious McMaster University have published a remarkable study which showed significant medical value for cannabis in the treatment of digestive disorders.  What is a little more unexpected is that the benefits of cannabis were measurable even at doses so low that THC could not be measured in urine.  That suggests there is a lot more to the role of cannabis than has previously been thought when related to bowel medicine. 

The study, which was published in the Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, shows the benefits of THC in the protection and healing of the delicate intestinal membranes and stomach lining.  It seems that cannabis offers an effective way of both controlling pain whilst simultaneously repairing and protecting the cell walls.  The high incidence of illnesses such as Crohns Disease and ulcerative colitis has meant that many research programs are studying the role of cannabis for inflammatory bowel disorders.  Hopefully the research will ensure that sufferers can get access to good quality cannabis-based medicines in the coming years as the illegality of cannabis is replaced with a more tolerant approach.


The full article is here, it is recommended reading but please note that there is a high degree of technical content in this scientific paper.

August 12th 2013

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