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Canada. Half of Canadians want legal home grown



A Vice Magazine report has shown that 48% of Canadians want the right to grow their own recreational/medical cannabis at home.  Last year just 32% of Canadians supported home growing, so support for cannabis is growing rapidly following new Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s election on the back of some pro-cannnabis promises.  Canadians already enjoy medical access to cannabis, but some have complained that it can be difficult to source specific medical varieties unless you grow them yourself.  Young people are most in favour of legalized home growing (73%) and many would eventually like to see a national system similar to Colorado, where any adult is allowed to grow up to 6 plants for their own use whether it is recreational or medical.

The full report is here


Canadians should note that Dutch Passion will be at the Lift Expo in Toronto on May 28th & 29th where we will be selling seeds and looking forward to seeing friends old and new.  More details for the Lift Expo are here, Dutch Passion are on booth 607



March 18th 2016

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