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Canada. Legalization task force creates framework for future canna businesses



As Canada gets ready to deal with legal cannabis, the Government-appointed task force is getting more and more active.  Overall, many Canadians feel happy so far with the proposals, but much of the detail has still to be worked out.  The legal age of cannabis consumption will be 18 or 19 (dependent on existing state alcohol laws).  Cannabis craft markets will also be allowed, which should be a good way for farmers to sell their products to the public.  Recreational growers are being considered for 4 plants, though medical growers can have their own rules which may be more generous.  Much of the early discussion refers to regulation of cannabis products, how shops should operate and how advertising would work.  Alcohol and Cannabis would not be allowed to be sold in the same place.  Tobacco would not be allowed to be used in joints (this is allowed in Amsterdam’s pre-rolled joints).
Curiously, little is mentioned about cannabis seed sales, seed banks or the rules surrounding them.
A summary of the current situation is here and the full report is here
December 15th 2016

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