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Canada. Lift Expo 2016, success and awards.



Dutch Passion had a successful visit to the Toronto ‘Lift’ Medical Cannabis Expo in Canada recently.  CBD SkunkHaze was awarded 2nd Prize in the CBD category and was grown by Master Grower Jose Dominguez, who received an unsurpassed 7 (seven!) awards at the show.  Congratulations to Jose for some incredible growing.
master grower Jose Dominguez
CBD SkunkHaze is a result of Dutch Passions collaboration with The CBD Crew, its one of the original (and most dependable) CBD feminized seed varieties available today with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in the dried buds.  Many medical cannabis users claim that CBD-rich varieties offer superior pain/symptom relief compared to traditional THC-rich varieties.  

The Lift Expo was well attended, with many medical cannabis users from North America present, as well as many Licensed Producers of medical cannabis.  Representatives from all areas of the legal medical cannabis business were in attendance - grow room equipment, seed suppliers, nutrient manufacturers and many others.  Its a clear demonstration of the rapid development of the legal trade in medical cannabis.  And if all goes well in Canada the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be legalizing cannabis in the coming year.  The Canadian cannabis movement has never been in better shape.
Dutch Passion were busy at the show


June 6th 2016


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