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Canada. Marc Emery challenges slow pace of cannabis reform



Marc Emery, the Canadian ‘Prince of Pot’ has reacted to the controversial police decision to raid dozens of illegal Canadian cannabis dispensaries recently.  Despite Prime Minister Trudeau committing Canada to legal cannabis the new laws are not yet finalised.  Eager enthusiasts took the chance to open their cannabis dispensaries anyway, and the police reacted with numerous raids.  Marc Emery said that public complaints about marijuana dispensaries had to be balanced with the “thousands” of people who “vote with their feet and their dollars” when they buy marijuana at these dispensaries.  

Trudeau has appealed for calm and asked that the Government be allowed time to create the right legislation before people open cannabis businesses.  Meanwhile Marc Emery feels that the combined lethargy of Government legislative efforts and the eagerness of Police chiefs willing to continue wasting public cash prosecuting cannabis ‘crimes’ is a recipe for confusion.  He could well be correct.

June 28th 2016

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