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Canada. Police say it's time to stop prosecuting cannabis users



Canada.  Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu has said Canada needs to follow the lead given by his USA neighbours and stop criminal convictions for possession of 30g or less of cannabis. The resolution was passed officially at the Association of Chiel Police Officers in Canada. The benefit would be a reduction in the number of people getting criminal convictions which can interfere with future employment prospects, educational opportunities, travel visa's and citizenship qualification.

Given the momentum behind cannabis normalization it seems likely that the resolution will make it onto the desk of a cost-concious Government Minister who will be compelled to give serious attention to the resolution.  After all, just over the border in Washington State citizens in the USA can enjoy legal recreational or medical pot with no criminal sanctions.  Canadian civil liberties groups have backed the sensible call from the Canadian cops which would prevent the needless criminalization of thousands of its (mainly young) citizens while American kids over the border are safe from their own criminal justice system.

Canada is not the only neighbour of the USA to question the prohibition of cannabis.  Mexican officials have also asked when they should follow the lead of the USA and legalize like an increasing number of states in the USA are doing.  This is all good news for those around the world campaigning for cannabis legalization.  Even if the laws in your own particular country are still against cannabis, take encouragement from the progress elsewhere.  Eventually the laws will change for you too.


The full story is here and is an interesting read

August 26th 2013

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