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Canada. Toronto Mayor admits to being big pot fan



Canada.  Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto Canada's Largest city has become the latest high profile politician to admit he has smoked a 'LOT' of cannabis.  Just a few years ago it was political suicide to admit to having used cannabis.  Now it is becoming almost trendy for politicians to admit that they smoked, inhaled, and enjoyed mans favourite illegal herb.

"Oh yeah, I won't deny that," Mr Ford said with a laugh when asked if he had smoked marijuana. "I've smoked a lot of it."

Ford is not the only Canadian politician brave enough to admit his fondness for mans favourite illegal herb.  In Canada all the politicians seem to have enjoyed their pot.  Last week, the leader of the New Democratic Party Thomas Mulcair also said he had enjoyed marijuana.  Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau said he had smoked marijuana since becoming a member of parliament, which is probably the bravest of all the recent 'Canadian Confessions'.  Trudeau also received a lot of public support when he said that Canada should follow America's example and legalise cannabis.

The politics of cannabis have come a long way in a short time.  No longer is it a vote-loser to admit enjoying pot.  The opposite seems to be true. politicians are realising that the general public are not terrified of cannabis use or admissions of cannabis use.  And many Canadian pot activists feel somewhat embarassed that the USA states of Colorado and Washington managed to legalize pot before Canada did.

The good news is that North American polticians are finally catching up with political opinion on cannabis.  The movement towards legal cannabis keeps gathering momentum.

The full story is here

August 29th 2013

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