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Canadian outdoor medical cannabis grow with Dutch Passion THC-rich seeds



This weeks blog features ‘Greenskell’, a Canadian outdoor medical cannabis grower who made a Dutch Passion outdoor medical grow in the summer of 2016 using several auto and photoperiod feminized THC-rich cannabis seed varieties.  Despite the relatively short Canadian outdoor growing season, Greenskell produced some of the largest outdoor plants that we saw in 2016, here is his grow guide to producing monster outdoor marijuana plants.  The original grow diary is here.


Greenskell prepares professionally for his grow, allowing each plant a large well dug area of soil.  Organic additives are added to the soil, and garden fences are used to provide privacy for the plants and wind protection. All the plants were started under LED grow lights indoors in Promix HP soil until they went outside in the ground. Horse manure and lime was added to the soil initially, and later on Advanced Nutrients were used for bloom. Once outdoors, the plants have up to a 3m x 3m pre-prepared plot to go into.  The earth is dug down deeply and turned over to introduce oxygen and improve the soil structure.  One of the best ways to grow monster outdoor cannabis plants is to professionally prepare the soil and the growing location.


Once in the ground the cannabis plants were trained and opened up to the sun.  Rope/string was used to tie down branches and allow greater sun penetration to the plant, this improves development and size of lower blooms and greatly increases the final harvest.  


Greenskell used several Dutch Passion auto varieties: AutoUltimate, AutoBrooklyn Sunrise, AutoDaiquiri Lime, AutoColorado Cookies

Several photoperiod varieties were also grown:  Think Fast, Frisian Duck, Durban Poison, Blueberry, Orange Hill Special, Frisian Dew and Passion #1



Outdoor autoflower cannabis growing.

The Auto varieties have two main advantages for those that grow cannabis outdoors at home.  Firstly, the autos naturally tend to stay at (or below) a metre tall.  This makes them easy to hide behind fences and other garden plants.  The second advantage of autos is the speed of growth and harvest.  Outdoors, autos take around 80-90 days from seed to harvest (indoors, they are often ready 2 weeks earlier).  Autos allow a mid-summer harvest.  Photoperiod growers often worry about the weather during the last month of bloom, especially if they live in borderline climate conditions.  With autos there is no need to worry about the weather, they bloom in mid summer and are a guaranteed crop.




Outdoor photoperiod cannabis growing. 

The photoperiod varieties take longer to grow, but they grow to a larger size.  The Blueberry produced 50+ ounces ( 1Kg+ ) of frosty, potent buds.  And just like the Think Fast, the resin production on the outdoor photoperiod varieties was exceptional.  Experienced outdoor growers know exactly how long their growing season is, and they also know which photoperiod varieties are capable of being grown in their conditions.  Photoperiod varieties will generally grow into a large plant than autos, without training they can reach 3-4m tall and just as wide in optimum conditions.  Plants of this size may need to be well trained and/or well hidden if they are to make it to harvest.


Some outdoor growers prefer to focus either photoperiod or auto varieties.  In this grow, Greenskell expertly showed that both Auto and photoperiod varieties can be grown alongside each other.  The auto varieties were ready to harvest in August, the photoperiod varieties were ready in late September/early October.  



AutoUltimate. Two plants were grown, they were harvested between 97-102 days after germination.  Plant yields were 123g and 245g, dense buds with a long lasting 3-4 hour high.  Full smoke report and summary review here 


AutoBrooklyn Sunrise.  Took just 76 days from seed to harvest, with a 112g harvest.  Mold and pest resistant with a particularly happy and relaxed high.  Easy to grow with a rich powerful aroma.  Full smoke review and summary here.



 Orange Hill Special (photoperiod).  Grown from April 1st to October 18th with a 6 ounce (175g) harvest.  Resinous, strong smoke.  Excellent mold resistance and trichome production and a distinctive citrus aroma.  Full smoke review and summary here





Think Fast (photoperiod).  One of Greenskells favourites.  Grown from April 1st to October 5th, with a 50 ounce (1.4Kg) harvest.  Rated very highly for resin production, dense buds, and potency.  Comment from Greenskell “Dutch Passion has hammered out a winner on this strain. This is very, very potent herb and a nice piney smell and taste compliments its potency strength”.  Full strain summary here 



Blueberry (photoperiod).  Grown from April 1st to October 12th with 64 ounces (1.8Kg) harvest.   “Blueberry....this plant is amazing smoke and always produces massive yields. Smell is always spectacular as are tastes. Medical effect has been there for me as well.” .  Full summary review here




Durban Poison (photoperiod).  Grown from April 1st to October 5th, harvest was 46 ounces (1.3kg) of dry bud.  Comment from Greenskell:  “Overall Recommendation as an outdoor plant 9/10 ....extremely minimal mold, tolerant to both cold and wind, excellent unique flavour and smell, and the buzz is very, very strong.”  Full strain summary is here


Frisian Duck (photoperiod stealth variety).  Grown from 1st April to 5th October with a 30 ounce (850g) harvest of dry buds.  Frisian Duck has unusual shaped leaves and a light aroma, making it a unique choice for urban growers with good resistance to mold and cold weather.  Full strain summary is here



 AutoDaiquiri Lime.  Took just 76 days from seed to harvest, with a 156 g harvest of dry buds.  Pest resistant with good trichome production and a good smoke.  Full strain review here


AutoColorado Cookies.  Took 72 days from seed to harvest, with 70g of dry buds.  A strong smoke, resinous with good mold, insect and wind resistance.  Comment from Greenskell:  “Really a sound smoke, with unique smells and tastes. If I was seeking a sweet smelling indica this strain would be up there with top choice, even for outdoor.”




Congratulations to Greenskell on a superb outdoor medical self sufficient cannabis home grow.  The auto varieties showed the advantages they offer the grower with fast and heavy mid-summer harvests.  The Dutch Passion photoperiod varieties showed the XL outdoor harvest capabilities.  By combining proven photoperiod varieties with some of our best autos, Greenskell got a bumper home grown medical harvest.

February 10th 2017
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