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Cannabis Cup For Dutch Passion Power Plant in Canada



Dutch Passion are pleased to report another cannabis cup, this time it is for Power Plant which won 2nd place at the Sask Prairie Cup in the Sativa section.  The plant was grown by specialist connoisseur growers from Cannacopeia Consulting who grew Power Plant and found the famous ‘Heisenberg cut’ which produces a super strong ‘up’ high along with generous harvests.  The improving legal situation in Canada has allowed the best growers to source the best genetics and they are producing superb results to rival the best of the USA growers. Recently Dutch Passion genetics won two more cannabis cups at the recent Lift Expo

More details of the Sask Prairie Cup are here https://www.saskprairiecup.ca/index.php/2016-cup-winners.html

Dutch Passion wishes further success to all Canadian growers as Canada becomes one of the most liberated countries for cannabis lovers.
October 3rd 2016


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On 05 -03-2017 at 07:28 u Gren wrote:
Just say evarest 200 g sec nota bad THC !???? Real strong

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