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Cannabis Cup Success for Dutch Passion


Dutch Passion recently celebrated some Cannabis Cup success with 4 of their best varieties each getting awards at various Cannabis Cup contests around the world.

Dutch Cheese was overall winner at the Argentinean 'Revolution Cup'.  This is a very strong variety with notably rich tastes and a satisfying stone, lots of repeat growers love this cheesy originalcanna cup


CBD Skunk Haze won 3rd prize in the 'Sativa' contest at the 'Treating Yourself Expo' in Canada.  CBD Skunk Haze has been a collaboration between Dutch Passion and the CBD Crew.  The 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD is popular with medical growers, though lots of recreational smokers are also enjoying the smooth and comfortable high offered by this new varietyanother cup !



Freddy's Best is a top class sativa with a soaring 'up' high.  This is a variety very much appreciated by those that know and love the effects of a top-quality sativa haze.  It was great to see this variety win 2nd Prize in the Uruguayan Cup in the 'indoor' category.


  freddys best cup victory



And finally Jorge's Diamonds won top prize at the recent 'High Life' Cannabis Cup.  This variety is one of our best sellers, a resin packed beauty with rich fruity flavours and a very strong and narcotic effect that has made it a real hit amongst those that love a seriously strong indica-dominant variety with a great taste.

jorges cup


July 15th 2013


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On 16 -07-2013 at 12:05 u Richard wrote:
hello,are you open in maastricht for foreigners? thanks

Hi Richard, Yes, our shop in Maastricht is open for everyone! All our seeds are available in our shop. See You! Eddy Dutch Passion Ga naar pagina

On 16 -07-2013 at 15:04 u Lullo wrote:
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On 05 -11-2015 at 02:43 u Bill Burr, Dilemma =) wrote:
Guys... DP what can I say (starts clapping).......... Finishes =)..... How does it taste? ..... yup. Fruity Rasberry yummy x 3 Chicks dig it =) Only for me =) hang on a sec ill go roll one...brb yep it fruity. Yield?? First one .. 1/4 of a Standard area... 8 oscars =) second..... time will tell =) Third =0 Currently laughing at me very very large best ever personal..... yep.. 8 This was my first ever purly medical attempt for me. CBD-TCH= Brilliant for. Depression. Anxiety. Schitso affective disroder and Mild OCD. As a sufferer, Thank you DP. And as a fan Thank you Jeorge =) And for you stoners =) Up and down with a fantastic gliding tail of pure euphroia. Best Strain I have encountered pics to follow =) still even have my wrapper =) I feel like im in the chocolope skunkberry of the Haig =) Visiting rules apply =) Bilbo

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