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Cannabis Liberation Day 2014. The best so far


liberation day


The 6th annual Cannabis Liberation Day was held last week in Amsterdam.  It’s Europe’s biggest free-entrance festival dedicated to cannabis and just like last year Dutch Passion were proud to be main sponsors.  


The event is organised by the VOC, a Dutch organisation dedicated to the abolition of cannabis prohibition.  Cannabis Liberation Day is a good family day out, there is something for everyone.  This year there were bouncy castles for the kids, dozens of stalls offering various kinds of craft, hemp products, hot & cold food stores, drinks, a main stage with some quality artists and of course there was lots of cannabis being enjoyed responsibly by the adults present.  The food and drink area was equipped with seating, the whole festival has a lot of attention to detail, and each year it gets better

police presence

Above, Derrick Bergman chats to the Police, Fire Brigade and Council officials before the day started. (photo Levi Claasen)

Below, the fun is underway and plenty of relaxed people do their best to enjoy the day (photo Strange Art)

blowing bubbles


The event was held at Amsterdam’s Flevopark.  Its a new destination, and before the event there was a concern that the Amsterdam authorities were not going to grant permission for the event.  A back-up plan was created, everyone wanted Amsterdam to be the destination but a back-up plan was in place if the Amsterdam authorities wanted somewhere else to benefit from the thousands of tourists.


In the end the event took place in Amsterdam.  There were some concerns that the late confirmation of venue, and the switch from Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek park to the Flevopark would reduce attendance numbers.  However, the event was even busier than last year and a great day out was had by everyone.  Cannabis educators and those that have led Europe’s cannabis social club scene were guest speakers.  Plenty of cannabis legalisation lobby groups from all around Europe (and beyond) were present.  


Above and below, bubbles and more, beautiful photos by Broek

more bubbles

The weather was warm and sunny, plenty of groups gathered and made their own little picnic areas.  The event lasted from 2pm until 10pm on Sunday 15th June and would not have been possible without the 50+ volunteers and the leadership of the VOC.  As usual there was a friendly atmosphere, plenty of families were present and people of all ages attended.  The Police kept a low profile and left everyone to get on with the fun, they had been briefed beforehand about the event and having seen 5 previous Cannabis Liberation Days they knew it would be a peaceful day.  Despite the larger numbers at this years event there was no trouble, cannabis festivals have a uniquely peaceful and unthreatening vibe to them.  Of course, being Amsterdam, the weed was in plentiful supply and the sweet smell of sensi filled the air from start to finish.

 The live music was as good as ever.  The musicians themselves are especially happy to be playing at a dedicated cannabis festival, and for that reason the Cannabis Liberation Day has always attracted some particularly talented acts.  This year was no exception with the Gipsy Ska Orchestra from Antwerp headlining the events and getting a warm reception.  

cup winners

Above, Highlife Cup Wins for Mar of Sweet Seeds (left), Dave from Dutch Passion (centre) and Dani from Dinafem.

Below, Henk van Dalen from Dutch Passion enjoying the day


Visitors came from all over Europe.  Some came specifically for the event and others who were already in Amsterdam came along for a free day out.

Some people were enthusiastically enjoying the music whilst others were quite happy to lay down in the sun and share joints with whoever happened to pass by.   

Soft Secrets are also a sponsor of the event and they were also present to announce the 2014 Highlife Cannabis Cup awards.


All in all, Cannabis Liberation Day 2014 was enjoyed by everyone and it was good to see the event continue to get bigger and better each year.  We hope you can make it to the 2015 event.

play time

more people relaxing

daisy and cliff from soft secrets

Above, Daisy and Cliff from Soft Secrets present the Highlife Cup Awards

food and drink

Above, plenty of space for people to eat and drink at Cannabis Liberation Day.  Photo copyright Strange Art

henk poncin and our henk

Above, Henk from Dutch Passion relaxing with Henk Poncin Chairman of the VOC organisation

June 27th 2014

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Some old man from my country from that heard or seen on radio and television think when a stoner using cannabis will be pinned his arm with a joint, these photos must be accessible to the general public to understand the difference and enjoy the blessing.

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