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ComPassion CBD variety customer review


compassion a great cbd toke

ComPassion is a Dutch Passion cannabis variety developed to produce CBD-rich cannabis for medical and recreational growers.  ComPassion offers a roughly 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD in the dried cannabis buds.  For many medical cannabis growers, the availability of CBD-rich varieties have been very important.  In many cases, CBD takes the pain relief and medical properties of cannabis to a new, significantly improved level.  In ComPassion we have seen typical levels of around, or above,  8% THC and 4% CBD.    We have other CBD varieties which offer a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, such as CBD Kush and CBD SkunkHaze.  But ComPassion has been bred to offer a slightly stronger THC experience yet still retain the CBD for a full-body stone.  

ComPassion sticky and great

Above, ComPassion in late harvest, long elegant blooms rich in THC & CBD


This weeks blog follows a Dutch Passion ComPassion grow by Spanish grower ‘BlumtVerde’ whose Facebook page is here.  Two plants were grown, along with other varieties, in a 1m x 1m grow room with a 400W HPS light in a coco growing medium.  The pictures in this weeks blog are from Blumtverde’s grow.

seed germinating

Above, ComPassion seed begins it's journey into life.  Below, the final product- sticky buds rich with THC/CBD

sticky buds


ComPassion is becoming a best-seller in the medical growing community.  This is a variety you can smoke/vapourise and function reasonably well afterwards.  The high is present but not overwhelming in the same way as a strong traditional ‘THC-rich’ variety can be.  It’s a smooth and very pleasant experience with something of a heavy body-buzz that comes as the CBD interacts with the THC. 

Rather than feeling completely stoned and glued to the sofa, ComPassion gives you an energetic kind of effect in smaller doses.  In addition you feel genuinely satisfied from the combination of CBD/THC;  its a warm, cozy and deeply content feeling. The more you smoke/vape, the deeper the effects become, eventually you sink into your chair and if you have too much you will fall asleep. 

cup winner

Above, ComPassion won the Highlife Medical Cup in 2014.  The 2:1 THC:CBD combination offers a more potent CBD experience than the 1:1 varieties.

You have to experience it yourself to understand the difference between a traditional THC-rich variety and ComPassion, where the addition of CBD takes a slight edge away from the high, but gives it back in the form of a blissfully contended relaxed experience.    

We have seen people give quite different feedback on this variety, even when they smoke the same bag of buds.  One person may not feel as stoned as the next. This could be because the CBD/THC combination affects people in different ways that medical science has not yet fully understood.  Or maybe people have inherently different tolerances to THC. 

It’s not just the medical growers that are giving good feedback on CBD-rich varieties.  Perhaps surprisingly we find a number of recreational growers are telling us how much they like CBD varieties as a refreshing alternative to traditional THC varieties, especially when they want a ‘day time’ variety which allows them to think, work and function through the day

buds and more 

Here are a few comments from BlumtVerde, a recreational grower who grew the ComPassion: 

“The smoke is really special, and strange!!  These genetics are very medical, seems like it only has CBD and no THC  The effect was weird, not at all comparable with other more common genetics."

 “I'm a recreational consumer in the weekends, but I sometimes use cannabis for pain, sickness, low appetite etc. My girlfriend enjoyed this variety very much when using it for menstruation pains. It's a good painkiller.  I'm not sure how to describe the effect with the right words, but when you think you can get up you suddenly feel it how heavy the weed is.      The aroma is floral, it has a soft but penetrating taste”

leaf structure

pretty girl


Some final comments from the grower:

“The seeds were planted in mid-February 2014.  Initially the plants were grown under a 125W compact fluorescent light, they were put under the 400W HPS when the female pre-flowers were seen.  The room was 1m x1m and was 2m tall.  Plants grew and developed like normal cannabis plants.  Nutrients were from ‘AgroBeta’ and by March 13th the plants were under the 400W HPS and starting bloom.  pH was around 6 and the plants were usually watered every day.  Temperatures were typically 25 celcius.   After 6 weeks of flowering pK bloom enhancer was used.”

 “On May 8th we started a 2 week water-only flush and by May18th the plants were harvested.  The ComPassion was probably harvested a little bit too early because I had to end the grow”



It’s just a couple of years since Dutch Passion first got involved in CBD-rich varieties. We never expected the genetics to become as popular as they have done.  It has been a learning process for our customers and for us.  But one thing is now very clear to us, CBD varieties are here to stay.  We like the CBD varieties, but more importantly than that, our customers love them.  

June 20th 2014
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On 20 -06-2014 at 20:04 u Gerard wrote:
hi i wonder if somebody could help with a question about when to harvest with medical strains,is it best to let the tricomes turn to amber or harvest when tricomes are milky,regards gerard.

On 29 -06-2014 at 03:24 u Wes wrote:
only with real medical do i allow almost all amber 90% because it is medicine regular weed 50%

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