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Auto Critical Orange Punch makes the High Times Top 10 varieties of 2018


Critical Orange Punch

Top Strain: Critical Orange Punch

Critical Orange Punch and the autoflowering Auto Critical Orange Punch are the result of some serious breeding work by Dutch Passion over the last few years with the Kritikal Bilbo genetics from Spain. The breeding process began by crossing elite cuttings of Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud (Orange Punch). The result is a supreme smoke with a deep and rich taste but below-average yields. When this was further crossed with an XXL yielding THC rich Critical, the yields were dramatically improved thanks to the growth vigor of the Critical genetics.

The autoflowering version, Auto Critical Orange Punch, has rapidly become a best seller with lots of repeat growers that love the intense and unusually powerful high. Auto Critical Orange Punch was named in the ‘High Times Top-10 Strains of 2018’. This is a great honor for Dutch Passion genetics and a real boost for European breeding to be included alongside some of the very best new genetics from the USA. High Times tested some genuinely special genetics during 2018, being included in their top-10 list is a real achievement for the Dutch Passion breeding team.

High Times Top 10 strains


The High Times judging team decided that Auto Critical Orange Punch stood out from the rest of the autoflower varieties thanks to the rare potency levels combined with generous yields. A great terpene profile, aroma, and taste add to a superb quality variety which you will want to grow again and again.

Both the feminized and autoflowering versions of Critical Orange Punch get plenty of repeat growers thanks to the trouble-free and easy growing nature of this genetics. It’s unusual to get new cannabis genetics which is this easy to grow with a real connoisseur quality and top shelf potency levels.

Critical Orange Punch takes around 8 weeks of 12/12 light to bloom. Auto Critical Orange Punch takes around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light. Both varieties have a great rich skunky citrus taste and an Afghan-hash aroma along with a long lasting powerful euphoric high. The genetics grow well under a wide range of conditions, meaning that less experienced growers can still achieve premium quality results.

Auto Critical Orange Punch Top 10 strains of 2018


If you are looking for some fresh cannabis genetics for your growroom then we really recommend trying Critical Orange Punch, or the auto version. These are genuinely some of the best new genetics our team has seen in recent years. We hope you enjoy them!

October 11th 2018


Recent comments (8)

On 16 -10-2018 at 13:08 u David wrote:
very good product ! very good price ! and dutch passion is a legend...and metal box perfect thanks

On 17 -10-2018 at 21:20 u Axell wrote:
This is excitment on a stick.

On 24 -10-2018 at 12:24 u Tim wrote:
I live in northern California, is this something you would recommend for my outdoor grow? The sun gets intense, a little windy just about always and cold at night.

On 01 -11-2018 at 11:10 u Eddy wrote:
Tim, 24th October. Yes, this should grow well in your region, either the autoflower version of the feminized photoperiod version. The photoperiod version will be ready to harvest in early/mid October, hopefully that is before your cooler weather starts. The autoflower version takes around 100 days from seed to harvest outdoors, so you can harvest this one in mid summer if you wish. Good luck !

On 14 -04-2019 at 02:11 u Jeff Greer wrote:
I have been curious about autos ,and decided to try them ,, 45 days and growing far beyond my expectations Auto Critical Orange Punch !!! Awesome genetics . Looking forward to this harvest !

On 11 -05-2019 at 22:15 u Scouser1uk wrote:
Can this be grown outdoor uk ?

On 17 -05-2019 at 13:07 u Eddy wrote:
Scouser, 11th May. YES, all Dutch Passion autos can be grown outdoors in the UK. They will take around 100-110 days from seed to harvest and you are not too late to get a few planted this year. They like to have 1-2 weeks indoors under 24 hour light before planting out if possible. But thats not essential. You will get great results, enjoy!

On 06 -07-2019 at 22:24 u Krang wrote:
I put seed in earth 15.07. auto feminized for test may be i too harvesting 15.11 this year may be i will ok :-D

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