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Durban Poison grow review.


 This weeks grow review features Durban Poison which was grown outdoors in soil by ‘Framer Brett’. The grow took place in his back yard and the Durban Poison was grown in a metal frame to support the plant and to allow some LST (low stress training). The LST used string to tie down the tallest branches to keep them below the level of the garden fence. Durban Poison is an easy cannabis variety to grow outdoors needling little maintenance and just an occasional drink of water to keep the plant growing in hot weather. The original grow diary is here on Grow Diaries.

Durban Poison. Feminized seeds for easy indoor or outdoor growing.

Durban Poison is a sativa dominant variety, she was found in South Africa during the 1970’s and imported back to Holland. Durban Poison quickly became one of the better known early THC rich cannabis varieties with a feel-good creative and energetic ‘up’ high which has an excellent anti-anxiety effect. 

Durban Poison is equally suited to indoor and outdoor cannabis growers. She can be grown outdoors in northern Europe and is usually ready to harvest around the start of October. In the southern hemisphere she is ready to harvest around the start of April

Durban Poison - feminized seeds that are easy to grow with high THC levels.

In this weeks grow, Framer Brett placed the Durban Poison in a sunny area of his back garden and grew the plant in his normal garden soil. The Durban Poison grew steadily, producing plenty of side branches which helped contribute to a good sized harvest. Durban Poison is also a tough variety, she tolerates LST well. The main stem had to be bent over and tied down to stop the plant growing taller than the garden fence. As harvest approached it was clear that the Durban Poison would deliver an XL harvest with the blooms swelling steadily in the autumn sunshine.

Resin production is one of Durban Poison’s star qualities. Whether she is grown indoor or outdoors this lady is often one of the stickiest and most potent varieties you will see. She may produce a slight ‘aniseed’ taste on the buds, along with some tropical fruit aromas and hints of coffee and berry. The real beauty of Durban Poison is that she is easy to grow in any grow system or grow medium. This is an established variety with thousands of satisfied customers and repeat growers.

Durban Poison. Cannabis seeds to grow your own weed easily.

Indoors, Durban Poison takes around 8-9 weeks of flowering and can produce quite a strong aroma towards the end of bloom - ensure you have a good quality carbon filter. Outdoors, in the northern hemisphere, the buds start to swell during September and begin to reach maturity around early April. Yields can be heavy, these genetics are well know for producing above-average harvests. The main reasons people grow Durban Poison outdoors is for the excellent potency levels and the unusually easy, maintenance-free growing. First time growers will love this variety. Durban Poison is also grown by many cannabis concentrate producers of shatter, BHO, cannabis oil etc. 

 Farmer Brett gave the following summary: “She was a grand tree. Definitely one of the most beautiful outdoor grows I've ever done. Very pleased with the results. Just a great smoke and a great high. Nice flavor and burns so nice. Nugs are very dense, almost too dense. All and all an unbelievable grow. All is smokeable and super nice tight nugs.”

If you are looking for solid, proven cannabis seeds that will grow well indoors our outdoors then consider buying some Durban Poison seeds online

February 23rd 2018
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