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Dutch Passion OutLaw grow review. Big yields, strong cannabis and easy to grow at home


OutLaw is a Dutch Passion Haze/sativa, a very strong cannabis variety which is simple to grow and is also affordable,10 feminized seeds for just €40.  This weeks grow comes from Ledbud who grew 2 OutLaw plants and got around 300g of dry cannabis buds from both plants.  OutLaw is a very potent photoperiod variety, meaning that it needs a 12/12 light regime (12 hours light followed by 12 hours darkness) to start to flower.


The OutLaws were grown in 11 litre pots in a 50/50 mix of coco/soil under Super Helios 6 lights.  Ledbud allowed a friend to look after the two OutLaw plants during vegetive growth. The OutLaw plants got taller than Ledbud wanted, and were over 1m tall when they were put into 12/12 light to flower.  This meant that the OutLaws had to be bent over to stop them growing too tall.  The OutLaws were 60cm away from the LED during vegetive growth and 45cm away during bloom.  Nutrients were Canna Terra Veg & Flores, and Atami Bloombastic was used in flowering.  In Weeks 6 & 7 of bloom Ledbud used Advanced Nutrients Overdrive.  Nutrient concentration reached a maximum of 1.6 - 1.8 with a pH of 6.  


The two OutLaws produced numerous sticky and resinous blooms, at the end the branches were bending under their own weight.  The final harvest quantities were 162g and 144g.  Ledbud describes the final aroma to be “like a cross of Lemon Haze with Amnesia with a sweet but strong taste.  This variety gives you the munchies (an extreme appetite) big time and the buds were some of the frostiest that I had seen.  The Helios 6 lights produced dense and sticky buds with plenty of side branches and allowed the plants to produce a heavy harvest.”


Ledbud explained more about the grow.  “I had to leave a friend to look after them during veg and the plants grew taller than I wanted for my tent, over 1 metre, which was a bit too much.  Next time I will flower then when they are a little bit smaller to make the plants easier to handle.  But I was pleased with the result and will grow this variety again, its one of Dutch Passions strongest smokes and also one of my favourites now.  OutLaw is not complicated to grow, she seemed happy from start to finish and was not difficult or demanding. But the best part of OutLaw is not how she grows or how she smells/tastes, the best part is simply the strength of the final smoke.  It has a strong ‘up’ high, and a small amount gets you really stoned.  The big harvest was an extra bonus.”


“The OutLaw was easy to feed, I didn't seem to get any issues at all.  The OutLaws were happy with weak nutrients at the start and as the grow went on I just slowly increased the nutrient levels to EC 1.8.  Some varieties can show signs of over-feeding or under-feeding if you don’t get the nutrient concentrations perfect, but thankfully not OutLaw. The OutLaws seemed to be happy throughout the grow, she is easy to grow but the best part of OutLaw is the smoke quality.”



“If I grew OutLaw again I would recommend flowering when the plants are around 50cm, no taller than that.  They will easily double their hight in flower so watch out.  The other thing to remember is that you can get really good harvests with this variety, so give them as much light as you can for maximum harvest.  Dutch Passion say you can easily re-veg this variety but I didn’t bother, I already had a decent harvest and I had some other plants that I needed to get in the tent. “



“I am mainly a recreational smoker, but OutLaw could be useful for medical growers because its such a powerful smoke.  It has lots of resin, so maybe a recommended variety to medical growers that need a resinous variety for oil production. Anyway, its one of my favourite ones from Dutch Passion.  Like I said, OutLaw will grow fast so you can easily manage with just 3 weeks of veg time.”



Congrats to Ledbud for showing the 300g harvest from two OutLaw plants.  With 10 feminized seeds for €40 this is a variety that anyone can afford to grow.  

June 5th 2015
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