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Dutch Passion 30% sale now on. Auto Ultimate, Auto Cinderella Jack, Auto Colorado Cookies



Dutch Passion have a 30% price reduction on Auto Ultimate  Auto Colorado Cookies and Auto Cinderella Jack   The 30% price reductions last until 20th June 2017 so get your orders in fast.  You can order as many packs as you like and you will receive 30% reduction on them all, there is no upper limit to your purchase quantities.  
The 30% sale celebrates the 2017 Dutch Passion 30 year anniversary.  And the three selected autos are all best selling varieties.  Auto Ultimate being one of the heaviest yielding varieties in the Dutch Passion collection.  You can order your seeds on the Dutch Passion website or participating seed distributors.  
May 22nd 2017

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On 28 -05-2017 at 17:01 u Robert Jungle Brown wrote:
I have followed "The Ultimate"since I read a 3 page article describing how it was made. When I read about Vancouver Island was half of the big picture etc I ordered a 5 pack. I was impressed....Pictures I see of the "Ultimate Auto" were the ultimate!!!

On 07 -07-2017 at 16:17 u Jan wrote:
How are seeds packed for delivery

On 10 -07-2017 at 09:08 u Eddy wrote:
Jan, seeds are packed in the standard Dutch Passion metal containers, see the link https://www.dutch-passion.com/en/news-and-development/new-packaging-for-dutch-passion-cannabis-seeds/

On 04 -12-2017 at 01:37 u Patrick Tikva wrote:

On 03 -04-2018 at 23:29 u Dmitriy wrote:

On 15 -07-2019 at 23:08 u Elizabeth Stewart wrote:
Is the sales minus 30 % of the price shown?

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