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Dutch Passion announce new varieties for 2014



Dutch Passion continue to improve their collection of cannabis genetics with the addition of several new seed varieties for 2014, here are some of the details

The Edge. An old-school sativa-dominant skunk selection with high THC levels. A robust variety which produces heavily, even in the hands of new growers, with good yields and a powerful uplifting high

ComPassion. A CBD rich variety developed by Dutch Passion by crossing a Nepalese with an un-named sativa. Produces a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, with typical analysis of 6% THC and 6% CBD. CDB-rich varieties are popular with medical growers but we are seeing a surprising number of recreational growers starting to prefer the CBD varieties for the smooth, refined and strong body stone

AutoDurban Poison. Our legendary Durban Poison is now available in automatic form. This is another of our heavy-yielding automatics which take 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. For those that love the luxuriously comforting Durban Poison 'high' this is a must!

AutoUltimate. The Ultimate is one of the heaviest yielding modern traditional varieties and a Dutch Passion customer favourite. Our AutoUltimate gives substantial yields of very strong pot and comes with our highest recommendations 

AutoFrisian Dew. A purple variety based on the purple phenotype from the traditional Frisian Dew. Flowering time is a little shorter than the original AutoFrisian. The upgraded AutoFrisian Dew offers improved mold resistance and robustness for the outdoor grower

Orange Hill Special. A new member of the Dutch Passion 'Orange' family. Orange Hill Special combines genetics from our best selling Orange Bud and California Orange varieties. This is a special selection, stabilised over 6 generations to give a very strong THC-rich variety with great yields and a citrus flavour

CBD Kush. CBD Kush is another CBD rich variety produced together with the CBD Crew. This variety produces cannabis with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The variety was developed primarily for medical users who often value the high CBD levels. Levels of THC and CBD should both be above 6%.



November 18th 2013

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On 16 -03-2016 at 19:43 u Jim Browning wrote:
Do you. Have paper catalogs thanks jb

On 17 -03-2016 at 11:28 u Eddy wrote:
Jim Browning - you can order a paper catalogue here or you can go to the 'download' section on out website and get a PDF version

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