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Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG cannabis grow review in coco with auto pots


Auto Glueberry OG was introduced in 2017, the variety uses proven genetics from crossing the acclaimed Gorilla Glue and OG varieties.  The result was crossed with our prize winning Auto Blueberry to and Auto Glueberry OG was created.  Its definitely one of the most potent Dutch Passion auto lines, and is a good choice for the home grower looking for a high potency result with large growth potential.  Auto Glueberry OG has the typical Dutch Passion Auto structure, with a dominant central bloom surrounded by a crown of slightly smaller blooms.  The genetics possess similar growth vigour to Auto Ultimate, so if you have the space and conditions for an XXL auto then Auto Glueberry OG is a great choice.


Auto Glueberry OG


This weeks Auto Glueberry OG grow review comes from Hansbricks, who previously got a great result from Think Different and Auto Blueberry in this review.  Hans grows in a 1.2m x 1.2m (4 feet x4 feet) grow tent using autopots. The auto pots had air domes in them,these are basically an air-stone which sit at the bottom of the auto pot and allow a steady supply of oxygen which accelerates root development allowing extra rapid growth and large harvests.   LED lighting was used, and regular Dutch Passion blog readers will know how highly we rate LED grow lights.  The original grow diary is here on the autoflower network.  This superbly grown plant took around 84 days from seed to harvest.





Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow/Boom, Bud Candy, Big Bud, Voodoo Juice, Overdrive

Green Planet Terpinator, Pro-Cal, Grotek Pro-Silicate



15L Auto pots with AirDomes



Mo’Koko Premium Coco Substrate

Autopots have 1" bottom layer of clay pebbles.





AutoGlueberry grew rapidly under the optimised conditions.  Autos develop quickly, and well aerated  coco fibre with supplemental air domes allowed the genetics to achieve supercharged growth, with a large and dense canopy.  Multiple bloom points were produced on the plant thanks to the vigour of the genetics, and the blooms were both long and heavy, guaranteeing a remarkable harvest and one of the best Auto Glueberry OG specimens that we have seen.  



If there is one problem with growing such massively proportioned plants it is that they do take several hours of trimming - but that is always a luxury problem for the most successful home growers.  The plant took around 84 days of growth and produced a huge harvest of top strength cannabis.  Potency levels on the best autoflowering varieties are on the same level as the best photoperiod varieties, here at Dutch Passion we like to think we have some of the best quality and best performance auto varieties on the market.  


Auto pots are automatic self-watering systems.  The 15 litre container sits in a trough of water which is gradually absorbed by the plants and grow medium.  When the trough is completely dry an automatic sensor allows more feed solution to flow into the trough from the reservoir tank (this can hold 50+ litres).  This makes it an easy way to grow cannabis, so long as the reservoir tank is full the system can be left unattended for several days.  The only real effort is required when more feed solution needs to be made.



AutoGlueberry is usually grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light, but like the rest of the Dutch Passion auto collection she can grow under 24 hour daylight from seed to harvest.  The size of the plant and the large number of blooms makes her well suited to scrog growers, or growers that like to train their plants extensively.  And AutoGlueberry does really well outdoors too, though she may grow a little bit taller than other autos in our collection which can make her more productive but also slightly more difficult to hide in outdoor grow locations.  Under good conditions, AutoGlueberry will grow to 1.5 metres and yield heavily.


Congratulations to Hansbricks for another successful Dutch Passion auto grow.  He uses auto pot grow systems to produce professional-quality results, and uses the supplemental root aeration from the air-domes to great effect.  When top quality growers connect with optimum conditions and proven genetics the results are always great to see.



March 24th 2017
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On 28 -03-2017 at 09:29 u Martin wrote:
THIS IS THE FUTURE OF CANNABIS!!! Big love and hugs to all the DP crew for keeping pushing the genetic limits into outer space. Im gonna try 7 of these out outdoors in scandinavia this summer. Cannot wait to see wich phenotypes mother nature is gonna throw at me. Happy summer and growing to ya'all! :-)

On 18 -05-2017 at 03:52 u Ace wrote:
You ain't gonna grow shit boy!! That AF was wack!!

On 30 -06-2017 at 15:22 u JO wrote:
I do not know that the Autos drink so much! 1,5

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