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Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush homegrow cannabis review


AutoBlackberry Kush comes from crossing Blueberry, our customer-favourite, with a top quality gene bank Kush noted for a resinous appearance and a rich smelling aroma.  AutoBlackberry Kush  is perhaps Dutch Passions variety with the darkest coloured buds, often a deep blue/purple especially when grown in cooler grow rooms.  The cannabis has a strong effect, the Blueberry parentage makes for a strong cerebral high.  The Kush genetics contribute to a good harvest quantity and allow improvements in taste and aroma.  All in all the Dutch Passion team are very proud to add AutoBlackberry Kush to their auto collection.  The appealing combination of potent quality cannabis with colour, taste, flavour and aroma has been popular with customers who have produced some great looking results.

Above & below.  AutoBlackberry Kush, solid yields, solid buds and a great flavour 



red buds

This weeks pictures come from Captain Beefheart, who used HPS and soil to grow a heavy yielding AutoBlackberry Kush with plenty of good sized blooms.  Not only were the blooms fat, they were also long, which allowed for a bumper home grown harvest.  Many Dutch Passion customers tend to grow small numbers of plants for their own medical/recreational use.  The fact that the best modern AutoFem genetics can reliably produce well over 100g per plant has been one of the reasons that auto cannabis varieties have become so popular with the self-sufficient home growing cannabis community.  AutoBlackberry Kush continues that tradition, and as you can see from the images, she is a vigorous and strong variety bred from top quality genetics.  Part of the reason for the success of the Dutch Passion automatics is the focus on strong quality original parent genetics.  With a 30+ year old gene bank of original genetics to build on, Dutch Passion continue to make a strong contribution to the evolving world the home grown cannabis community.

 AutoBlackberry Kush.  The taste of Kush and some blue hues from the Blueberry parent genetics

AutoBlackberry Kush tends to produce bushy plants with multiple blooms, these allow for impressive harvests when the grow room conditions are optimised.  Captain Beefheart grew using his own organic soil blend which he has fine-tuned over years of growing, the plants were grown in root pouches, which are containers made from a breathable material which allows oxygen to penetrate to the roots.  Many home growers are getting improved results with soil when they switch to air-permeable containers that allow oxygen to penetrate the root mass.  As any experienced home grower will understand, healthy roots are the basis for a healthy and productive plant.


Here are a few words from Captain Beefheart about the grow.  

“The smoke quality is very smooth, a musky kush taste.  It’s a very intense high at first then it hits you like a sledge hammer.  Wheres the couch?  Its easy to grow, very easy. Producing fat hard nuggets with a total dry harvest weight of 150 gram,  plus some additional popcorn buds.  I can't wait to cook another one, a very nice strain indeed, absolutely banging with resin glands”


“The aroma reminds me of a proper musky, earthy kush, yum yum.  The taste is subtle but very satisfying.  I used a 400W dual spec HPS light, the AutoBlackberry Kush shared the light with two other plants.  My soil is a blend of 9 different elements, the fertilizers were ionic organic green fuse.  I used the the full range but not the silicone additive”

Like all the other AutoFems in the Dutch Passion collection, AutoBlackberry Kush has been selected to offer something different and special for the home grower.  Its a variety which will appeal most to those looking for a good quality Kush that is easy to grow and has the potential for heavy yields.  Like the other Dutch Passion automatics, this variety will grow well under a range of conditions.  Some people grow under a system of 24 hour light (no darkness) from start to finish.  Other growers prefer the more more ‘traditional’ auto system of 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness, it doesn’t make too much difference to the end result.  AutoBlackberry Kush is a variety which will grow well in any kind of grow system and can be harvested around 11 weeks after germination.


May 8th 2015
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Recent comments (3)

On 09 -05-2015 at 22:29 u Captain beefheart wrote:
diolch yn fawr tony and team,for creating such a glorious strain of canna its absolutely wunderbar !!!

On 10 -05-2015 at 14:00 u Paulie62 wrote:
Nice grow Captain,as allways....these Dutch Passion seeds get better and better....enjoy your fruits mate...

On 11 -05-2015 at 07:14 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Great growing Captain, thats one of the best looking AutoBlackberry Kush plants that we have seen so far :-)

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